Friday, December 31, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS

so, lets end up 2010 with this. he wont forgive me if i delay up his gallery longer ^^;;

Zoidiect's Base, proudly presents

Build of the year

Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS.

Loving White Tiger from Heaven

*patent pending*

well, yeah, this is a build, in which i can say went running for the longest time this year, with lots of relax builds during its WIPs. also, it takes quite some scratch building, as i can be said to remake Sonsaku using his original parts, making him now stands as tall as regular HG kits ^^

another thing is that, i tried applying texture to some parts, and they turned out pretty good :D
plus, this kit, is 90% handpainted, as the weather arent really allowing my usual painting method. then again, hand painting is quite fun ^^ also, enamel wash using clear red XD

Basic Photos

i like how the silver turned out. i simply can be said to polish the silver, not really painting it. by doing so, the shine of the silver is made out nicely ^^

but then, the enamel wash is kinda the hard part. i end up redoing some parts as i over cleaned it, so redoing is a must

the chest looks very good ^^

ahahah ^^;;; asymmetrical skirts XD

MG palms :D

one of the hardest part. these curvy armors

textures~ yummy~

lets see some articulation mods ^^

arm's articulation. pretty good

can do this pose ^^

leg flex. OO style hip joint FTW!

kneeling is no problem

kick? check

*clenches* HOI HOI!!

Action Poses

sword dance :D

i like how he looks here. looks bulky and menacing ^^

"Now, count up your sins!"

epic wolverine claws

i like this pose

and posing the claws are a bit hard ^^;;;

dang, he looks bad ass is all angles XD

tonfa of death

cant really pose well with this. kinda too heavy for the joint

still looks nice, supported by the shoulder

hmm, what should i talk about this build? this is my best product so far :D my second sangokuden kit, and the most hardcore mods i ever pulled out XD all the blame goes to OOB looks. sorry but i just cant tolerate stumpy kits XD

as usual , check out the long running WIPs ^^
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Thanks for Viewing ^^ and happy new year again :D


  1. Oh my God... That HAS to be the most amazing SD I've ever seen.
    And the textures, just like the icing on a cake.

    Never thought to see an SD be able to do those poses.

    And... HAPPY NEW YEAR~!

  2. seriously... your SD builds have been friggin' awesome! :D the silver came out really good and the red actually looks a bit like crystal, pretty sweet.

    bad ass poses are bad ass!! excellent job man. btw can the visor on his forehead move down to cover his eyes?

  3. Wow gd job on it, I like the leg

  4. damn.. unbelievable.. good job.. seems that you're wrapping up all your WIPs.. your pla plate skill is awesome.. wonder how you make those curve armor at the arm.. and that claw is very nice..

  5. @Bd thanks alot bro ^^ and happy new year too

    @Rockleelotus yep, having clear red on the silver ^^ for the crystal effect. ah yes, the visor can go down, but i didnt do so as it looks weird with the large forehead XD

    @Gunpla thanks ^^

    @Seven6398 thanks bro ^^ those curve, glue one side, wait dry, bend it slowly, glue other side, and hold till it dry ^^ needs a bit of patience here

  6. Happy New Year ^^
    This one is a real masterpiece! great build bro!

  7. This has got to be one of your best works. Not only in the mods bu also concept and skill!!! Great work man!

  8. @h4msterworld & chubbybots thanks a lot bros ^^

  9. your SD conversion never fail to amaze me, the proportion is much better this way.

    and I like the claw, feel so powerful

  10. Wow. That's all I can say.

    I'm not really a fan of SD kits, that's why I don't really comment much when I see an SD post, but this one looks damn good man. The articulation is simply awesome for an SD, you did a great job on it :D

    Nice paintjob and the weapons look great, really like the wolverine claws and the poses you did *thumbs up* keep up the good work man ;D

  11. Looks great! :D I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of those claws ay xD

  12. Very nice job done on it! And you managed to finish it just before the new year!

  13. @Divinelight thanks ^^

    @faddy thanks alot ^^

    @Astrayp03 hahha yeah, anyone wouldnt want to be so too XD

    @Marzz hehe, somehow managed posting it at the peak of the year end XD

  14. A bit of bleeding on the red sections but overall a great build!

    Clearly it is your best work so far and I simply love the red. The silver came out nicely and your desired textures are visible.

    *Thumbs up!*

  15. Ah, forgot to say another thing.

    The articulation is superb especially for a SD kit! And, mmm, sword and claws. :D

  16. bravo ZD!
    Love the wolverine claws! and your articulation mod really does make it pose with coolness.
    Everytime I see this I always think of tiger in the snow.

  17. @CD yeah, the red bleeding, the clear enamel red is hard to control, same goes for the clean ups XD

    @Heat yes, that's what im making, cold tiger coming from hell XD