Thursday, December 30, 2010

Touhou Project Tribute Arts Extra Side

And now, one of the two galleries said for the end of the year.

Zoidiect's Base, proudly present

from Toranoana


for some more reasons, i treasure this a lot more now. yes, this precious~

A bit of back story, in which i myself aren't really clear about it.This is an artbook, produced by the popular company for releasing doujin related merchandise, Toranoana. Released specially during Hakurei Shrine Reitaisai,this book is expected to be super limited. from this book series of production, this is the third art book (called Touhou Gensou Gahou) released so far.

interesting feature from all three books are that they got their own bonus, differently by the volume. the first one got a set of Touhou-based tarot cards, the second one got a black and white illustration book along with the actual art book, and for the third one, included are CDs of navigation and BGMs.

from my a bit of research, the arts inside are arranged according to the BGMs starting from the 6th Touhou Project, Embodiment Of Scarlet Devil (Koumakyou) until 12th game, Undefined Fantastic Object (Seireisen) or the 12.3rd one, Hisoutensoku. No Double Spoiler as there's no Hatate to be spotted in this (Hataters gonna hatate)

aside from that, internet give me another interesting fact. when i suddenly got my hand on it, i tried searching for any info about it, and to my surprise, only the first and the second being featured on the net. which means, aside from my unexpected get post, there's no other site telling about the 3rd book. however, as im writing this, eBay surprised me.
a Copy of the 3rd book, the one that i have, went for USD 198 at eBay.
*clenches fist*

enough with the bla-blas, lets us begin~

Front cover, without the leaflet. removing the leaflet showed some more interesting part of the cover art. While the first 2 books have festival dress Reimu, tagged with Yukari for the first and Akyu for the second, the 3rd features Scarlet Devil Mansion's crew on the cover (except for Koakuma)
i managed to get the artist's Pixiv site, but i forgot where did i put the link.
EDITED : Same artist as hard cover art- Fruit Punch

i listed 4 trivial stuff in the cover art :)

first, Reimu, Marisa and Alice Plushies :D

second- that' loads of books to be read for TEATIME????
third- uhh.....Flan...? is that....spellcards?? oh $#!7
fourth- i tell it at the end of this post XD

on the actual cover itself, we have...

a very nice lineart of Reimu, made by Fruit Punch

opening the book, on the back of the cover, the two CDs, mentioned earlier with arts from Subterranean Animism casts as the background.

flipping over, we hav---URAMESHIYA~!!! and some more info about the cover art

then, the content. like i said before, the arts are arranged by the versions of the game, grouping the characters within their respective appearances.


also, each section is separated with this kind of separating page, starting with the main characters.

Reimu Hakurei, Marisa and Rinnosuke Morichika. wished i can read japanese, there are some pages of text inside..

Kirisame Marisa by Tokiame

Alice Margatroid

"The Scarlet Mist" Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil (Koumakyou)

Cirno (wait, Rumia WHERE??)

Hong Meiling, with Sakuya and Remilia in the art. i wonder who had come to SDM as...

that cat is this much surprised....i wonder who....

next, Patchouli, Koakuma and Marisa (Capura Lin)

Plymouth Art and Industrial Exhibition 1881 (thanks Google!) wait what??

Sakuya~~~(or Sakkyun or Sacchan )

Main leads of SDM. Sakuya Izayoi, Patchouli Knowledge, and the Queen of the Night Remilia Scarlet

:3 on the table, there's a photo of child Remilia and Flandre ^^ by esukee

Flandre Scarlet in full awesomeness, shaking the Twilight's Vampire's glitters off
Artist : Banpai Akira, the same artist who make those awesome Koumajou Densetsu's designs

"reviving her own self, without knowing the fact" Perfect Cherry Blossom (Youyoumu)

i've seen quite some amount of this artist's works (name's Garnet). most of them are like this, showing a nice scenery, with Yakumo Family in it (sounds like a family trip) oh hey, DAT SIGN POST! (The Yakumos at the End of the World (garnet))

the Prismrivers. with the gate to the netherworld (that gate is just for show. folks just fly over it)

Youmu Konpaku and Yuyuko Saigyouji. look, Youmu holds a scissors, and Myon holds...a broom?

aah~ picnic~ nice :D

i dubbed this as "Boundary of Life And Death" see the bird near Yukari's hat. btw, nice Yukari art i pretty much like it ^^

"The moon had disappeared" Imperishable Night (Eiyashou)

Mystia Lorelei~ wait....Wriggle?? where???

fitting most in a page, Keine Kamishirasawa,Fujiwara No Mokou, Cirno, Daiyousei, Suika Ibuki, Hieda no Akyu, Ran, Chen and....Kogasa??

Reisen Udongein Inaba and Tewi Inaba and hey, Kaguya Houraisan

now comes with Eirin Yagokoro

and plus, those Inabas XD

Fujiwara no Mokou and ExKeine. nice to see she's inside ^^

and oh hey,the Watatsukis, Yorihime and Toyohime (forgot which one is who)

Phantasmagoria Of Flower View (Kaeidzuka)

Yuuka Kazami~~~ Sunflower Field~~ (so true)

Medicine Melancholy. she looks nice here, her dolls are creepy. (oh hey, a doll's dolls)

(quote) ARE YOU SLACKING OF AGAIN KOMACHI?? Komachi Onozuka, eternal slacker XD

ah...Shiki Eiki Yamaxanadu...beautiful.

next, Mountain Of Faith (Fuujinroku)

Aki sisters~ Shizuha and Minoriko~i digg that Shizuha :3

Hina Kagiyama~! and uh...not spinning? lol

Nitori Kawashiro. i take her as the one with the best description. Super Youkai Warhead

Momiji Inubashiri. and Aya Shameimaru.

Aya Shameimaru, Bunbunmaru and Reflex-brand Camera? wow. and yeah, i might had preordering Figma Aya due to this doubt, the prettiest Aya i've seen so far.
(my resistance is NON-futile XD)

Kanako Yasaka, and Sanae Kochiya, plus Onbashiras XD by Asakura Masatoki

Welcome to Moriya Shrine~ with Suwako Moriya along ^^

next, into the deepest of the earth, Subterranean Animism (Chireiden)

Kisume, and Yamame Kurodani :)

Hoshiguma Yuugi, Parsee Mizuhashi (Jealous beam JIIIIIIIIIIII) and Suika?

The Komeijis. Satori and Koishi by Hina (Pico)

The BadAssNess. Satori, Utsuho Reiuji, and Rin Kaenbyou by Makai No Juumin

another Orin and Okuu ^^

"A Flying teasure ship appears~!"
Seireisen- Undefined Fantastic Object

Nazrin~ gotta love to see she interacts with her mouse.

URAMESHIYA~!!!!! Kogasa Tatara, with he umbrellas of doom (a noob dodger's rant: Fking Umbrellas)

Shou Toramaru, and Nazrin again. oh hey, that lasers, homing Curvy Lasers..

Byakuren Hijiri. Caption : NAMUSA~~~~~~~~~~~~N!

Nue Houjuu. and those UFOs, DISTRACTIONS~!

Welcome to Myouren Temple ^^ CAPTAIN Murasa Minamitsu (no tropes joke here please), Byakuren, Shou and Nazrin

"the Earthquake, meant for destroying that structure"
Scarlet Weather Rhapsody (Hisouten)

Tenshi Hinanai. i went through her last spell in SWR using Yukari, and i hope i wont ever face the last spell more..

It's Iku Nagae IKUSAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~N lol. EELECTRIFIED~! (Sumaki Shungo)


you have a Reimu, having tea, in a peace evening (insert a destroyed shrine afterwards) (By Kieta)

and yeah, a two pages of epicness

FUUWAAAAAAAAAAAAH~!! almost everyone from the mentioned games are here, minus the low level bosses etc oh hey, Ichirin, and UNZAN
from Retrospective 53 minutes, Ghostly Field Club, Changeability of Strange Dream,Magical Astronomy,and Dolls in Pseudo Paradise...

We cant missed out these two, arent we? Maribel han and Renko Usami :)

next, loads of pages of texts ^^;
with a nice Yukari Art



......(okay, i understand nothing)

what happened?

more story or something, now for Maribel and Renko




.........................................(got english patch for this?)
and on the right, some comments (?) maybe for the arts?

last page, something about the contents of the CDs, and Shou+ Nazrin art for the last page.
the CDs, i had listened to both. the Navigation CD is like some narration, maybe some Explanations on the BGMs (full japanese, unsubbed, sound only). the BGM CD got some nice BGM, but not like the usual Touhou music, just like some soothing music

back cover. the end :)

conclusion, i say this book worth it. at RM45, 1000 yen (opps) something, it is a very nice thing to add as a collector's item, taking that how exclusive and hard-to-get ranking for Touhou related items, especially to get them locally. me, random lurking gave a very nice result ^^
despite some characters isnt being featured, (Rumia, Wriggle Nightbug, more fairies etc), the two pages of full art did some justice ^^to think that it went up to USD 198 at Ebay, and the actual price is USD 29.90 (Otacute), this is even more worth for me.if i had some chance finding the other two, i will be glad to add those to complement this :D

4th trivia- the vampires are having teatime under sunlight XD


  1. Really nice get! And you sure know your Touhou. Can't believe it all started this year. XD

    You really did a great price for it since it costs 2000 Yen which should be about RM7X normally. Make sure you take good care of that book now, it seems to be going up in value already. Hehe.

  2. AYAYAYA~!

    I want to get that book also~! DX

    Artworks, so pretty...

    Flandre owns ANY vamps from Twilight. Period. While Remilia seals their fate.

    Thank you for the post. A nice touch to end the year. =D

  3. Send me scans of those novel thing, see if I can work it out.

  4. sweet gallery, the art is fantastic in this book! and cool bonus CDs, precious book is precious :D

    ohh ive seen some art of Aya before but never knew she was from the touhou series, hmm might consider that figma then lol

    thanks for sharing!

  5. reallly nice artbook.
    really hope could read those Japanese words too (well I could as long as it's not Kanji)

  6. @CD yeap, really really unexpected that it all started this year (then again, my modeling madness started this year too XD) oh yeah, my mistake, RM 45 should be 1k yen ish, not really the actual price, just assumption from the price i got.then again, this kind of rarity, i OF COURSE will :D

    @Bd Perfect combo to cleanse the humiliation to the global vampire associations XD

    @Evaritus oh, ok, will try to scan it, as i dont have scanner at home

    @Rocklee my precious :D oh hey, another went into the trap of the reporter XD

  7. Which anime was this?

  8. @Divinelight yup :D its really nice ^^ and yeah, i hope i can read japanese too ^^;;;

    @Gunpla err.. this isnt an anime..this is a game lol (lucky this is me, otherwise you might have been killed for asking that XD) nah joking, but this is a game

  9. >Touhou art book
    >Sold in Malaysia
    >RM 45

    Damn I've been Parsee-d...!

    You got it from Sungei Wang Plaza, eh... I think I'll give it a visit over the weekend. I hope they're still there...

  10. @Faulty lol hahahhaa, so wanna try your luck? i wished you the best, as i actually got this last year. me myself shock near death when i saw it ^^ i wonder if they still got it

  11. *droooool*

    Thats a very nice artbook you have there

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