Friday, December 31, 2010

Wrapping up this year...

and this year, i say as the best year, comes to the last day.

truly i say, i quite enjoyed 2010, taking that i just done from my SPM (sweet 7 months break :D)
so, i got plenty of free time, in which, gave this blog enough time to develop...until what you see now :D

what had i went through this year, i wanted to start from end of December 2009, where i made my first touch into the gunpla community, after keeping a blog silently for 5 months ^^;;;

but then, its 2010 so lets start from January XD
- January, anything happening here? ah yeah, my HG Exia Repair Trans-AM. kinda say, one of the nice conversion i ever made, too bad TTHL's bootleg quality spoilt it. now, it still intact, just that some parts on the head broke and no longer can be attached to the neck. will redo this with Bandai's Exia ^^ and yeah, my MS to Zoids conversion, StrikEagle, made with cardboard etc. among my first attempt on scratch building ^^
and hey, my catch in january, my HG OO Raiser Light Up version. my first LED Mod, done on a HG, in which can be considered as hard :D

-February- first successful scratch build, the GN Sword X, made after ranting over and over on Bandai's marketing scheme (gotta thanks that certain guy for making me build it ^^) plus, my experiments on various items in modeling like putty etc ^^ also, my first touch to Touhou, the epic video Bad Apple!

-March. the month, where i posted the highest number of posts for 2010. my first venture to Gusto, and the first one for FreezeArt lineups, FZA #1 Saviour .Also, my HGUC UC DM got a place at ZD-Base, and becoming one of the favourite here ^^ NG 1/144 Guaiz got harmed due to boredom XD

-April,my second and third RX unit, granddaddy and SD UC, dropped by ^^plus, received bootleg DSSD Astray from BD77 for my so called Project KnightinGale (believe me, you don't wanna see how it looks now) and towards the end of the month, this blog is one year old :)

May- Started with my SD-Style, with SD Stargazer as the lead. Discovery of epic crazy sale, as well as hauled NG 1/100 Sword Impulse at 60% off ^^

June-epic build, Sonsaku Physalis MLRS. this build went for a quite long way, being dragged along with some relax builds, and now, he's completed, even the gallery is ready. but i'll put that up next year, to start up 2011 ^^ also, 2 delayed galleries, RX-78 Custom and SD Stargazer XD
80% off MG Exia TA GET!!

July-i got the offer for a scholarship to pursue degree in biotechnology in Australia. off for the foundation program, so left ZD-Base for quite some time. HGUC Jegan got touched :)

August- pre-planning for Project Tsurugi, but now i keep it for future. and yeah, epic get of the year..Touhou Project Tribute Arts Extra Side T^T "!) <--(this is a clench.use your imagination)

September- Mid-sem Break :D pulled up quite some works this month, also, one-night-mod for SD Strike Noir ^^

October- My Attempt on HG Strike Freedom. this is one dragging long wip as well ^^;;; it will be completed next year

November- HGUC Sinanju GB Proposed. currently running good, despite the organizer failed to build along ^^;; started my work logs completing spree, aiming to complete 3 work logs throughout my semester break. and yeah, 1/60 Force Impulse :D

December- more like continuing my WIPs, completion of Sonsaku, and posting up galleries. my completion spree achieved my target, and im quite happy ^^ first time doing weathering on HGUC Jegan.and now, preparing to go back to college ^^;;;

aside from that, the current banner, i dubbed it as NT-D, just some tack tack using photoshop.not really got nice photoshop skills, so just do what i could :P this is the 3rd banner for this blog, the first one is HG O raiser, the second is Light Up HG OO Raiser. i must say i like the OOR one very very much, so that i felt a bit heavy when switching it. aside from the banner, changed the color of this blog, to match the psycho frame XD but still, i keep that "Unlimited Evolution"

come to think, this is such a short year, and i had faced and experienced lots of things. how this year went, had gave me quite some time to learn modeling, as well as next year, in which i will have some boost with The Trailblazer ^^ also, my entrance into touhou, brings me to world aside from Gunplas, and made me to play some games aside from counter strike XD

and that, shall end this post. Happy New year everyone ^^
btw, those warning on the shield, they arent decals. i added them using PS



  1. I must say, your new banner looks more... pro-like now. Simple yet meaningful.

    Ah yes, 2010, the year where an avalanche of poison hits us all; and 2011's poison monster already showing up its fangs, to us...

    Regarding the Warning labels, I just noticed them when you'd mentioned it. XD

  2. Happy New Year! Here's to more spending of money to contributing to Bandai and the other companies out there! XD

  3. Here's hopes to a good 2011.
    And you live in Australia? I'm curious as to how other countries are doing compare to the US (which is somewhat crap at the moment).

  4. i like the new layout ^^ you leveled up a lot this year thats for sure, and it seems like the same for everyone that it went by too fast.

    Happy new year! lets hope its a full filling one :D

  5. @Bd haha thanks ^^ now preparing for this year's wave-o-poison

    @marzz hahaha i'll be refraining from that XD

    @Tom oh no, im not living in Aussie, i'll be living there (if i pass my foundation) ^^

    @Rockleelotus haha thanks ^^ yeah, a fast year indeed

  6. I was actually familiar with Touhou for a while, but only gotten myself into it in 2010. And I must say that it has ruined my life (BUT IT WAS WORTH IT)

    It seems a lot of people commented that 2010 went by rather quickly. I guess it has been a pretty good year.

    Onwards to 2011!

  7. @Faulty yeap, it worth it ^^ good thing Bad apple started me with it, not Mcroll or wtfthethingis

  8. oh, you're studying in australia now? whereabouts?

  9. @AstrayP03 ah, no, still in preparatory, next year will be in Aussie ^^