Wednesday, December 15, 2010

HG Strike Freedom-Mods continue...

okay,okay,okay okaaaaaaaaaaay

no drills. i repeat. NO DRILLS

before the WIP, got something to talk on.

the thing is, im not going for GL SF. Im sorry. IM TERRIBLY SORRY. i admit, i actually ran out of ideas when working on SF in which i end up tacking SF into GL. then i snapped.
i must say, this isnt the first time i snapped like this, just that this time, i went way too far. (i should let you know that in my draft collections, there are some impulse-posts that i managed to restrain from posting)

but i say, this time. i WENT TOO FAR. with that polls and such, i'm hot soup..and i felt terribly guilty so that i cant think on anything to redeem myself...
(actually story is after tacking into GL, i removed everything to work towards the GL, but i incidentally put SF, into the stance of Hi-Nu, with the same wing spread. and that is when i felt terribly sorry to my SF, after all the mods i did, i cruelly want to make him not SF. in fact, i build this super-horrible-HG SF, mainly to show my disinterestedness towards PG SF )

okay, redeeming myself. HGUC Sinanju GB. I'll sponsor a prize for that. maybe a kit, or something, still cant decide, you guys may suggest what should i give ^^

REQUIREMENT : BEST SINANJU KICK EVER. i'll find some judges to get that. and for those who had their Sinanju kicked, you may retake a new picture for this.
then again, i apologize for the unexpected prank/trolling/whatever. i didnt planned it, i actually wanna make it, just that i recently learned Murphy's Law.

and now, to the WIP itself.

(btw, whoever votes F*** IT, i appreciate it A LOT. it gave me strength to continue this WIP ^^)

supposedly how he looks before i put the blu-tack on. ^^;;;;

a glance on some i learned on hardness of putty. sanding is a PITA!

also, some putty on the skirts. sanded already.

side skirts get some strengthening. pla strips on the exterior and interior.more to glue on

refined back skirts, along with correcting some gaps. now, the misalignment aren't that obvious ^^

puttied and sanded the tip of the feet. the actual amount of putty i put is waaaaaaaaaay more that actually required, thus define sanding hell ^^;;; and yeah, small surface area XD

what happened later on..

scrapped..i meant pulled away putty on torso. i actually scrap away the one at lower torso as well. with sandpapers running low, no way i'm surviving this sanding hell..

btw, special credit to Heathorn for his Alteisen WIPs

pla-strips-in-panel-line. it wasn't any hard. pretty easy actually ^^

and that's all! btw, do suggest any good kit i may use for the prize (im serious)



  1. Ah... Back to your original idea. =D

    What, retake the infamous Sinanju kick? Ohoho...

    Beside Pain: WTF~!? You mean I got kicked for NOTHING~!? ONORE~!!!

  2. What? You are sponsoring a kit? You sure go very far for your group build. ^^

  3. Ait ! I'ma re-take best Sinanju Kick right away ~



  4. hmmmmm........ Maybe if i get a HG strike freedom i should make the gun hold like wat u did

  5. @Bd yeah, original is the best :D @Beside, live on your name XD

    @Marzz more and more reasons hitting by for me to sponsor a kit...

    @Evaritus GO GO GO looking forward to that :)

    @Gunpla have patience, the gun isnt like that by this time lol XD

  6. haha im all for crazy mod ideas.. im mixing gundam with kamen rider! in the end its up to you what you wanna do with your kits :D

    cool idea for the GB! make me a judge so i can choose mine! lol :P

  7. too bad you don't have sinanju yet to start your work :(

    as a kit for Prize i thought you put OO Q[ant] as prize already (bassed on your sticky post).

  8. @rocklee hahaha ^^;;; yeah, in fact i do got some crazy ideas (but for other kit) yet, with all the mods done to SF, kinda sorry to pull off the "SF" part of SF XD
    lol, wanna be a judge XD

    @Aya yeah, very bad indeed ^^;;; epic failed >_<

    ah yeah, decided already to put SD OOQ ^^

  9. ZD it's your kit, your mod, your own satisfaction. No need to really care as long as you are happy ^^

  10. @Heathorn yeah, you're right. our kit, our own mod ^^