Saturday, December 11, 2010

HGUC Jegan- Silver Collar

Second kit, out of 3 completed kits ^^

first time doing weathering

for me, this is good just by standing, so no action poses ^^;;; just this stance


talking a bit about this build, the approach is like standard modding-detailing, pla plating etc
went with some cheap detailing like using pen and needle XD
as for the colors, i tweaked the color a bit from the original color scheme. supposedly, the white is light gray and the black is dark gray. but, looks pretty okay ^^ yeah the stripes, wanna do something different than standard plain painting XD

basic photos


metal needle FTW!

whooops....there's a seam....

pen nozzle FTW!


end of gallery XP

like usual, check out the WIPs also ^^

-WIP 0.5
-WIP 1-3
-WIP 4

thanks for viewing ^^

next, Sonsaku Glowing post XDDD



  1. Looks like this guy had seen better days in his career. XD

    That needle looks dangerous. XD

  2. hes scratched up to the extreme! thrusters look cool, and i see some red blood?... was he battling some EVA unit? lol

  3. wow...pretty rough looking like it faced many battles but surely pretty cool

  4. Now i no y the re-gz is fas already so many trusters??!?!?!?!?!?

  5. Nice attempt at weathering! My Exia was over-weathered lol!

  6. Clear photos, finally!
    Somehow, I feel that the scratches look closer to crayon marks than actual "scratch" marks (the ones at the stomach and legs). ^^;

    The weathering on the black parts looks the best IMHO but the bright yellow feels distracting and really look like some parts of the body are being held together by tape. XP

    Overall, it looks nice - the paint job and weathering looks good (the red feels out of place somewhat).

  7. @BD haha yeah, scratched all over the body but still in one piece XD
    sharp antenna~(DONT TOUCH MY KITS! XD)

    @Rockleelotus blood lol hahaha XD i was trying to make some oil stains XD

    @Mangyver how a veteran looks like XD

    @Gunpla In UC, Thrusters speak for the speed XD

    @Marzz lol, at least looks nice ^^ overweathered or less, objective GET! XD

    @CD hehe, cant really make out nice effects, with just some brush spam XD yeap, that's the true intention for the yellow