Friday, November 27, 2009

Sangokuden Hakugin Ryuseiba Review (short one!!)

A horse??

Actually, it is just the same horse used by Zhao Yun Victory Gundam..This horse has GM eyes..other variations are Gundam eyes and Mono-eye horse..

contents are in small number...the parts are silver in colour and a wire is included for its riding rope..

It has 9 articulation points....the neck, knees, and also has ports where armors and weapons for the series could be put so it can be made into a particular character custom horse(i got Sun Quan Stamen....none of its armors look good on it T_T)
Warrior Sun Quan on his horse!!

What best describe this kit? a nice one used to complement your sangokuden kits!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HG OO Gundam Review


snapshots on poses done with OO gundam

Combine with O Raiser...forming OO Raiser

How OO use the combined swords...the problem with OO's lineups are that some kits have features that were actually never seen used in the,Susanowo's claws and beam chakram, Arche's sword in rifle mode..

Before the existence of GN Sword III,this is how OO Raiser generates the powerful Raiser sword using the Trans-Am Raiser system

Setsuna never use the shields while utilizing OO Raiser..
perhaps he tries on relying on the GN Field of OO Raiser..

The beam sabers lack of the beam parts...they were included in the Trans-Am Raiser kit
with beams for the GN sword II..

comclusion:a must get kit....a HG kit but the features could match a MG kit
Ratings:5/5 stars