hmmm....what the hell should i write here?

who cares, lets just write anything

Hi there, meet your host for this site, Zoidiect.Full nick name is Zoidiect Archaea, without knowing the "Archaea" part reduces me into the levels of microbes. well, whatever..

Main stuff being talked here? Gunpla. and some other plamos too. but Gunpla is the main stuff here. Plus some random stuff that i found to be liking on.
regarding this blog, inspired by Ngee Khiong, got its first post posted on 29th of April 2009, so this year it will be 2 years old ^^

before this, i decided to make Gunpla reviews here, but in the end, it turns out to be that i am sucks in such field. so i decided to mod some of my gunpla. with blood, sweat and cash, in less than one year time, this is what you'll be seeing here. but still, I'm not a pro, just a still in the learning curve (aka noob)

what's my modding style? cant tell, basically i try new stuff, and trying to make my own designs too. one thing, i like SDs, i mean TALL SDs. so, aside from my easy mod on SD Strike Noir, there will be some chances to see another HG-height SDs like my Sonsaku Physalis in the future. just that the WIPs will be dragged, with lots of relax build during it ^^;;;

oh btw, i have a habit, in which i'll start up as many as WIPs i can hold at a time, work on them slowly, and when times come, i'll finish them up in a single blow. yes, galleries posting spree XD

i do paint, of course, how can you mod without paint XD My main tool of the trade is airbrush and i still use spray cans, mostly for topcoating
it will be okay to ask for some commission works, but i doubt that, as why would ask a noob to do some commissions XD but still, if one insisted, i wont let you down :D (only for Malaysia)

as for commission works, i mainly charge for paints and service. it'd be easier if you provide the kit, but asking me to buy the kit is fine too (only need to add also cost of the kit). charge can be lesser if the kit is a kit that i used to build before as i am more familiar to kits that i had already built, so modding and detailing are much more easier

aside from that, i have a liking on Touhou Project, and basically, combining it with my modeling part, you may expect crazy stuff to turn up here. wait for it.

and so, thanks for visiting Zoidiect's Base.

email : diect_92[AT]yahoo.com.my