Thursday, January 16, 2014

RG Strike Freedom WIP 2


 the blue. gaia cobalt blue. oh and that black piece is my striker eureka's shoulder shaft. the damn joint broke, currently fixing it

nothing else to talk on other than the painting process. so yeash, read on

 used leftover red from Hi-Nu gundoom mixed with bit more bright red. some masking to add gold to the red shoulder which will be exposed when the shoulder is all open

 also used some leftover frame color, added with some black. not quite solid black, somewhat bit sparkly, which i rather liked

 assembly intermission haha

 was a fine day to topcoat so went ahead painting the rest of the black, decal them up and topcoat altogether. the chrome is rather nice

and then, the meat of it, the white parts. counted 79 white armor parts to be painted ugh

 had some gold which is then masked before the white

 oh and the fully completed wing pack

 a rather -gray- mecha gray, not like my FA SF's light gray

 even more masking for the secondary dark gray

 moaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar maskiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing

 was it worth it? worth every seconds haha

 nuff said
 dem hands. paint seems to stick on the articulated palm better than expected

 almost there, just a bit more

 all done! quite a long time taken for mere repaint and no mods. went minimal for the decals, didnt even bother to go all katoki. used some leftover waterslides from various kits. also added bit more red to some of the armors

full gallery coming soon. oh and the joints are wayyy tighter now ._.

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