Monday, January 20, 2014

RG 1/144 Strike Freedom Gundam

all done yaaaaay

now, enjoy this gallery of my first endeavor into the said world of embodied excitement, Real Grade
more explanation on the build after the jump

getting it straight, repainting this isn't fun. TOO MANY PARTS GNNNHHH (note: i never repainted MG as of now)
anyway, just slightly altering the color scheme, changing the tone of the original color and opted for gray instead of white/off-white because gray= win
also a plenty of masking to insert secondary gray because the way on how they put the second gray in the stock kit is just unreasonable
the gold turned out better than expected, and i appreciated all the extra efforts taken to insert more golds like to the Dragoons, chest pieces, shoulder and foot soles. really satisfied with all those

 enough talk, feast your eyeees

oh and while it is tighter than the stock, the wings can still be fully opened, just than it calls for extra care for that. looking pretty amazing too

enough that for my first RG, and also the opening build for 2014. got SD Knight Unicorn underway, and thinking on picking up either Build Strike FP or Zaku Amazing for a HG build before ending my summer break. cheers!


  1. look who is back :D
    nice color ZD

    1. sadly now im gone again hahaha ^^;;;

      repainting this RG literally took out all my gunpla spirit, talk about bad productivity orz