Friday, July 24, 2009


Dear Ahmad Ariff Rumy,

Thank you for your interest in the test at

Your general IQ score is: 109


keno tambah lagi....




still craving for this....
I won't let my O Raiser to be a stand alone unit..
Setsuna, Saji needs you...


Saturday, July 18, 2009


Baru balik homestay kat SESTER..
bengong lagi nih..
keno refresh otak sekejap..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

HG Gadessa Part Finale

Work Done!!

Look at the big Cannon!!
My painting skills sure had improved..
it sure looks better rather than being unpainted..
however I just only use black paint..

Gadessa size is sure really large compared to my other HG collection

The feet can be adjusted to standing position(left) and anchor position(right)

The stability are impressive..
The Mega Launcher did give it to have a 'mean' look :)

Head close-up..
The face design somehow looks similar to LineBarrel..
Rating:4.5/5 points

Friday, July 3, 2009

HG Gadessa Part 2

Get the product finished quick!!

Progress to the torso


Combine with the head and GN-Drive..
Parts for the hip..

And combine it with the body and the Mega Launcher..

the legs are the next..

Dude! Where's my arms??

Here's your arms buddy!!

Captain Revival..your unit is ready to roll out!!

HG Gadessa Part 1


such a nice box art..

These are the contents..

Each purchase of any Gundam product priced above RM20 will get this tutorial for free...
it is about sangokuden kits

Assembling goes on and here we got a GN mega Launcher..
approximately 22 cm at length..

He got some gimmcks too!!
change into Mega Launcher Mode!

Next is the GN Drive Tau..
some sort of 'lengthy'

It also changes into an escape module!

go on to the head..
Four pieces for the head..

the design is slightly similar to LineBarrel..