Monday, April 30, 2012

ZD-Base 3rd anniversary \o/

uhh well, it is supposedly be yesterday actually ^^;;;;; was busy and tired after a Geology field trip, so yea. might make a post on that trip soon, i think

so yea, 3rd year in blogging. lotsa stuff happening round and around. looking at how previous anniversary have me looking forward to stuff, i hardly looking forward to anything in modelling term, until i return back to Malaysia XD

oh well, it's 3 years already, and kinda a bit sad to see on how some blogger folks are retiring from blogging. i kinda miss those old days where i happily scrolls down the blogroll everyday for updates and stuff. oh well, that can't be helped. some may get a bit busy to do blogging or such.

and again, thanks for the supports and this blog will continue to run as long as i am still breathing =D

thanks and have nice day

(i dont know what pic to put so have this. at least you know that i am not making myself rusty ww)