Monday, July 26, 2010

HGUC Jegan WIP 1-3

now, before this i made the WIP as i got 1-3 in a post?

that's because I'm only left with correcting mis-scribed panel lines and then..


behold, i got something to reveal in this post!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

HGUC Jegan WIP 0.5

hmm, i think i can go back to my usual posting frequencies, thanks to the Library's computer services~

but still, i will be in "hiatus" for the Croom i think >_>

so what i got in this post regarding Jegan?

i got him with his backpack!

well, that's not the exact point actually
this post is to tell everyone how much i appreciate my Nadleeh mod

(hey, noticed anything different aside from extra panel lines?)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday and SUnday 17-18 July 2010 recap~

yep, i made a post on stuff i went through in that 2 days because there are something worth telling i say XD

ok first and foremost, some suggestions given to me is that to go to Berjaya Times Square....

and i did~

but the journey is something memorizable~

first from Shah Alam sect 6, i took RapidKL T602, heading to another main stop at Sect 2 in which i transitted into U80, in which it brought me to Pasar Seni/Central Market. ok, this is my first time to times square and my only guide is the map from Wikimapia which i barely leaving C.Market and ended up circling at the same area, i realised that i had lost my track..

so i resorted on asking directions. so what i ACTUALLY had to do is to walk along Puduraya road and get myself to a monorail station..
but as i started walking, i went past a shop and ..........

i noticed this................................and i actually read it during the journey..and gues what?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RG-it actually blew my mind..EDITED (bahahaha)

EDITED : Lets talk about some other stuff as well =D

okay but first let me tell you guys something.

my "wtf..." post is something that i actually didn't planned on making, because the post was actually as my very own response towards OO Qan[T]'s freaking-ass gimmick, the "Omnislash" bla bla bla..

here's the actual thing. the original post at NK was actually buried by some stashes of posts at NK, in which i wouldn't actually see the post at the time i went online..and so.....TwilightReap..i blame actually raised the post back and apparently at the time i went online...but nothing offensive though....

you see, the "wtf.." post is very short and like a question something, in which i rarely gonna type something like

okay, lets get back to the actual topic. the RG

Saturday, July 10, 2010


manage to get myself online for some minutes

sorry that cant comment on the blogrolls ^^;;;

nothing much, just that will there any attachments for OO Qan[T]?

(yep, i WTFed when i see the buster sword >_>)

on side note, Ryubi LXR looks very nice to me, now putting it under consideration LOL

Friday, July 2, 2010


nothing fancy, just that gonna start foundation program (or university life or something)

so, I'm putting this blog for some short hiatus, taking that i have no personal laptop yet so cant be online often

also, updates at ZD-Base wont be like before, like daily updates so will be quite some time before the next update (and it will be some random post i think)

that being said, i left my room (ZD-Base IRL) with 3 worklogs
-Emperor Sonsaku
-MG Exia (yes, started building this already)

anyway, in case i got myself on the net, most probably only for checking emails or something

so just in case got something important to tell me (like Figma/Nendo Patchouli Knowledge or

kindly email me at diect_92[AT]

so then, farewell~ (for a while)