Wednesday, July 14, 2010

RG-it actually blew my mind..EDITED (bahahaha)

EDITED : Lets talk about some other stuff as well =D

okay but first let me tell you guys something.

my "wtf..." post is something that i actually didn't planned on making, because the post was actually as my very own response towards OO Qan[T]'s freaking-ass gimmick, the "Omnislash" bla bla bla..

here's the actual thing. the original post at NK was actually buried by some stashes of posts at NK, in which i wouldn't actually see the post at the time i went online..and so.....TwilightReap..i blame actually raised the post back and apparently at the time i went online...but nothing offensive though....

you see, the "wtf.." post is very short and like a question something, in which i rarely gonna type something like

okay, lets get back to the actual topic. the RG

seeing the latest photos on RG, including the build review by Gunpla Secret Factory, it actually reveals something that i never expect from bandai, totally

summarizing it, i say that...

Collaboration between Bandai's Plamo Designers and Modelers give us the REAL Grade~

why i'm saying so?

first and foremost, i wanna point out to a close up picture of RG RX-78's backpack

noticed the two rectangular-like arch between the saber's hilt? and now see G30th's backpack.

and now, go to Dalong, and go for 1/48 RX-78's info, and see the Dengeki special. I mean the Black 1/48 RX-78 Proto ver, modeled by Yamazaki Gunso.

1/48 RX-78 used same design as G30th, and Yamazaki Gunso used metal rods to make arch at the backpack...and Bandai apparently overlooked what modelers had been doing, and they took such design

Nnice, i say

and regarding those realistic decals, people kinda complaining that it is kinda useless but for me, its a bonus

it actually like we installing metal parts on gunpla, thats is

so im getting the RG, no doubt

speaking on some other stuff, well, usually we just discussed those at the Croom but apparently i don't have some nice time to access that, so lets just make post like this one, having my opinions on latest stuff now~

not going on right sequence, just going on random.

latest stuff on hit now~ Omegamon Plamo~!
and im digging it, it brings the epic feel when i first watch the cross-digivolve of Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon.

regarding Omegamon Plamo's rendition, all i can say that is Digimon goes Gundam
see those comments at Nk's Cbox?
and i actually like this rendition, although that Omegamon do got lots of Gunpla-ish feels
(oh yes, i wonder if Omegamon is produced by which companies? or it will go for the MGF lineups?)

i find that the SF-ish cape looks very sharp, as well as the fact they give him ankle guards. At 3990 yen, i found it might worth better than Ryuubi LXR..but who knows? things could changes~
and for some not obvious reasons, i think that I'm not enjoying straight-builds as much as i used to enjoy them in the past 5 years....
well,I'm into modding now and i can say that I'm majoring into that field now, so other that MG Exia and RG RX-78, i don't think there will be any straight-builds (well, snap-fit is going for mods)

quoting on above statement, i currently make some plans, mostly on mods, which i considered as some sort of backup plans

as for now, i got some plans on Gunplas that i might buy OR not buy
lets see,

Ryubi LXR= the legs. while the legs are longer than typical SDs, i might gonna extend it more, and probably beef it up as well.

HGUC Jegan= for this one, LED installment for the head. but this LED mod will depends on whether i build it at college or at home. but if i found it at some considerable price, might just gonna snap fit it at college and do some extra panel-lines, or pla plating (just in case i found some 0.3mm ones)

(random note: my mid semester break is in september, which will run for 2 weeks.guess what? gonna make ZD-Base portable within that time >D)

speaking of above mods plans, i cant assured that im going for those mods since i CANT assure that i will get those there are more than meets the eyes....

last week i went lurking at MidValley Megamall, my main focus there is XL-Shop in which they got me owned pretty well.good thing i still managed to restrain myself

if Gunplas at Gusto almost killed me (literally), what if Revos, Nendos, Figmas joined the war?
^whoever wins the war, i know, i got screwed...badly.LOL.

but still Nendo or Figma wont deal too much threats since im only aiming for certain types only, and currently got one in my target list (nope, not patchy nor sakuya.)<- Figma Sakuya got short hairs...
lets see if im going to have some luck on that certain figma...i know, the availability rate for her is actually about kidding.

on random thing, i think the Gunpla Beginner series is turning out pretty well, i say.Beginning actually got Exia owned in terms of numbers of swords (well, having 9 beam sabers + 2 at the V-fin is too much). and they putting some interesting designs for the series.HG Acguy Kuma, anyone? wonder how will girls dig that XD

college's life? i say its FUN! more to come soon ^^



  1. To me, the RG Gundam is something like a miniaturized and IMPROVED PG kit. The swiveling skirt and pelvic assembly is a first.

    Me, I'll be waiting for his opposing force: the RG Zaku-II, da ze.

  2. So as I pray, Unlimited Decals works!!

    Yeah I have the same conclusion with those RG decals...the problem though is the willingness of commner builders to topcoat the gunpla, ensuring that the decals dint break off

    Oh man, Imagine what RG Gouf would look like, Norris and Rambal be pleased^^

  3. *LOL* 00 Q[ant] again -_-,
    I still gonna wait for review first,since usually kit like that quite fragile.

  4. woah longer version.
    can't comment to all of them,just wait and see the offcial announcement for model kit released.
    just curious what figma with 0.00015% chance of getting based what you talking like patchy and sakuya is that Reimu figma ?? or game exclusive Figma like cute,haruhi or saber lily ?

  5. @Bd yeeessss IMPROVED~!

    @GunStray yeah i dig those real decals, but yes, topcoat is kinda important there ^^;;

    @Aya haha yeah review, of course since we can go ninja-get those kits on release day XD

    @Aya well, seems i do got less option so maybe just gonna say it.yes its Figma Reimu. well, i cant buy online and i dont buy online so currently im betting on an option...if cant go with this option maybe i just give up or went lurking around more ^^;;

  6. >> EDDITED REPLY: When I though Gunpla Beginner, I though The main protag, actually bashed a few gunplas and made his own...blehh geuss bandai cant stick too much to the whole medabots theme,after all there stepping on some dangerous territory.

  7. Haha, I just saw your message at my cbox. XP

    I just checked, they don't have it anymore. ^^; Sorry.

    As for this post...

    The RG is getting more and more attractive which makes my initial decision to skip it very hard (since I want other stuff during the same release period). Well, lets see how impulsive I am when the time comes. XP

    If you want to buy Gunpla stuff in KL. I suggest Berjaya Times Square and look for Graffiti Toys (5th Floor, at the "back"). There should be stacks and stacks of Gunpla at the back of the shop as well as other hobby items. ^^
    There's also another hobby shop nearby with prices just as good.

  8. RG indeed is awesome. The other day I went to an event they had a gundam booth and I saw the RG sample being displayed there....

    You know what happened afterwards...
    I placed a PO without any initial plan to do that, hahahahah

  9. @GunStray i think you got some nice points there.since most gunpla in that series are like already existing gunpla so kinda like the protag made his own kitbash

    @CD oh no more...seems im not lucky this time XD well yeah, i cant skip RG when i say im a sucker for mechanism XD times square eh? hehe, went there already XD

    @Heathorn woaah you had saw it with your own eyes~~ nice one~~ hehe i know you gonna PO it XD

  10. RG is a MUST!!!!
    it's a new milestone of history of gunpla

  11. @divinelight ohhhh yeesss it is~~ thats a pure fine piece for me~~