Friday, July 2, 2010


nothing fancy, just that gonna start foundation program (or university life or something)

so, I'm putting this blog for some short hiatus, taking that i have no personal laptop yet so cant be online often

also, updates at ZD-Base wont be like before, like daily updates so will be quite some time before the next update (and it will be some random post i think)

that being said, i left my room (ZD-Base IRL) with 3 worklogs
-Emperor Sonsaku
-MG Exia (yes, started building this already)

anyway, in case i got myself on the net, most probably only for checking emails or something

so just in case got something important to tell me (like Figma/Nendo Patchouli Knowledge or

kindly email me at diect_92[AT]

so then, farewell~ (for a while)




  1. Take care now. Always check all fours and do forget this useful advice from Lt Cmdr of Freespace2: "Just don't do anything stupid and stay alive".

    Regarding Patchy, will do.

    And all the best.

  2. All the best on your new life in campus!! Don't worry will keep an eye out when you come back to post :P

  3. once again, gets lot of rest^^

  4. Good luck to you man! Till we meet again!

  5. Oh.. its about time! good luck for your new journey (to university realm lol) XD...

  6. time for you to enjoy campus life :D
    good luck ZD!
    be sure to spread gunpla poison to your new friends

  7. sniff.. I'm gonna miss you ZD..
    XD!! noooo.....

  8. take care.
    hope to see you again.