Tuesday, June 29, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS WIP 5.5

made a little progress in which I think that i should post it
cant make too much progress since currently quite busy with IRL stuffs

oh yes, i had just discovered that my sis, again, took the camera so please bear with the phone's camera quality ^^;;

hmm...what's this?


oh yes, i tried installing a LED there, and almost came to success point..but still need more refining since this one is a very simple installment..need to make proper one

hehehe twin drive XD
nice and bright lighting there~

although i only want those spiky things to only lightened up, but seems the leaking light looks nice..but i dont want that..will cover the leak by giving a coat of black when painting it

on side note


What A Splendid Lighting, ze

hehehe, i actually had built the GN Sword, Head and GN Drive Block (i refuse to call it GN Drive) but no camera so no post on it..well, nothing much to highlight on those parts anyway.

that's all now ^^



  1. Fwaahh ~~

    *Jaw drops*

    Play with lights now wor. >=D

  2. Impressive work. LET THERE BE LIGHT~!

    Marisa: *ahem*

  3. Dont remember how Sionsaku had light up shoulders, but Im interested how your gonna add the bazooka parts on his shoulder.

  4. @Evaritus hehehe *points to banner* since OO XD

    @Bd kekekeke i see byakuren pun thereXD thanks ^^

    @GunStray well yes there's no light up shoulder actually, just wanna put the LED there since there are some quite nice room there in battle mode (with the clear pieces at the shoulder) and will only utilize the LED for battle mode..so no light up when the bazooka is there ^^

  5. what the.... Powered by GN-Drive?? lol.. thats really cool one.. XD

    ooooo Exia TA in the making... :P

  6. @Tsuki GN Drive at old Chinese history timelines XD hehe only touched a bit on that Exia, so that wont get bored XD

  7. Aha! ZD sure love LEDs. XD
    Very nice so far. Your Sonsaku is coming along very well and it even lights up! *.*

    Hmhm, Kelantan malls are still very nice in my eyes. Darn them with their 50-80% offs! >.<

  8. So they DID use GN Drives in the past.... Haha!
    Man, those are bright!

  9. Your mind can come up with anything! MAN! XD

  10. SD OO Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS raiser ??

  11. @CD yes i do ^^thanks
    kekeke sale are something nnice~

    @Marzz we dont know what happened in the past.. XD yeah kinda bright, still under adjusment, might need to construct simple electronic circuit there to reduce brightness

    @FreedomWen lol hahah it's just something that people usually do..errr...yes, usually do

    @insidemytoybox LOL hahahhahahahh

  12. Argh my eyes!!!! Haha awesome mod again man :D Just love the led mods!

    Next time I must try this!

  13. @Chubby try lol lets do this together~

  14. *plays FF level up music*
    hahah ZD now you are already playing with LEDs !! nice!!