Saturday, June 5, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS WIP 2

and i continued working on Sonsaku

while i was working on the left arm, i noticed that the slot for hip ball-joint had cracked, making the leg to be unable to stay good and tends to fall off everytimes..

so i scratched my head...

and i ended up making new hip joint..

which is..


SD with 180' split anyone? XD

like i said, i made Sonsaku to have double insertion hip joint a.k.a the revolutionary joint for HG kits


high kick? Check

kneeing? check

side kick? check XD

oh yes, still dont have camera with me so cant take close up photos with my phone cam so i just tried taking photos that i can get with the cam now ^^;;

and thats how i got that double insertion joint..sandwiched a PC with plates, put base plate, make peg, drill hole and fits PC to thigh and....DONE~!


and getting all armored up :D and i just cant resist from liking him more~ now he needs some 'fats' XD or muscles may sounded better XD

as for OO

yeah, he's sobbing in his box now....this is too much for him to cope on XD

thats all for now!



  1. That's one amazing SD mod-job you've done. Never seen one that has the same movability like yours.

    As for 00... all boxed-in...

  2. @Bd thanks =D haha poor OO....he's pretty sad now XD

  3. Sounds like your 00 really sadful XD

  4. OO-type joints on SD kit
    great ZD ^^

    why not buy a sun shang xiang as well, I love that one

  5. @heat yesss OO-type joints~ always the best =D for sonshoko..i like her but...(cant think on how to mod her XD)

  6. O.O !

    Now I notice the hand...use old MG palm ?

    I never succeed sandwiching pla plates with a PC before..haiz..

    I like what I see now. =) If only can give him some "add-on & size-up". Hehe ~

  7. @Evaritus yess MG Palm from WZC =D my WZC's using the extra palm =D

    add-on and size-up shall follow after this :D

  8. how did u do the hand? looks like MG hand NICE!!!!

  9. @gunpla4ever i use spare MG palms on it ^^