Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS WIP 3

The Emperor With The Soul Of A Tiger~!

going on it by bits and bits :D

current progress. Still in beefing up process and already got the base plates on place =D

now, with the camera, time for a better explanation on what i did so far

for the neck piece, a very simple mod there.while people usually cut the peg and extend the whole neck piece, i just slide a plate with hole drilled on it in the neck peg so that the PC will be placed higher ^^

for the arm, i use a hinge from DSSD Astray for the elbow joint (dont have MSG joints ^^;;). the upper arm is actually the original thigh on which i put there for the ball joint. the upper arm is beefed up with a layer of plates...need some putty for the gaps. just a base side plates for the lower arm since i'm still thinking on the design for the lower arm..might put some piston-like ornaments referring to the original GP02A design.

for the palm, i used MG WZC's palm since i use the extra Ver.KA palms for it (dont really like white palm on my WZC, kinda look odd). i put a PC on the hand cavity to accommodate the MG palm and sealed the installment with a layer of plate for a sense of natural-vibes :D

for the torso, got it extended with NG 1/144 Strike Dagger lower torso since i got that for spare parts. will be adding plate layers and details since it looks thin to the proportion now

when i was sawing the torso part, i accidentally gave a pretty large damage to the bottom white section of the torso..so i had to rebuild the part with pla plates..cement and sand~

the design of the skirt armors are killing me...wish i have thinner plates than i had now ^^;;; still need to make for the left side XD

however, for the front skirt..

HG Arios Skirt Joint-style =D apparently when i saw off the front skirt armor, the hip is actually hollow.so that i got some extra new PC for skirt armors for HG OO lineups, why not putting them in use =D

so i drilled a hole close to the side so that it will have a gap there. and got the PC on the armor and pop it there~

Nnice~!!! but it is hard to get them off now but better this way =D

here's a better look on the double insertion joint which i built for Sonsaku.

as for the leg, i make the upper armor like that as a homage to the Son Clan's Divine Spirit a.k.a Tiger. will go for further designing up for those pointy armors XD.. the knee portion is from HG Enact and still thinking on how to beef up the lower leg. apparently the sides of the legs are curvy not flat so pretty hard job to get it layered with my 1.2mm plates...too thick orz

the crotch is originally pointy forward a bit so i sawed it off and reattached it at a new position, making it less pointy..supposedly the crotch is longer than the skirt armor but scratch building the whole curvy crotch with full sangokuden-style details with a thick pla plates? No thank you. that should be killing me during the process XP

joking XD

the overall look now.actually the front skirt is wider and when i put them, they quickly kill the proportion so i trimmed the sides to make it less wider. and will be putting the borders for the trimmed sides..the side skirts look odd now since it is too short for the original..


will be making a longer and better looking side skirts...and MOVABLE~ =D

oh yes, apparently Sangokuden's characters got upgrades based on their original suits' upgrades or variations, so now that GP02A got its MLRS Variation, so i might be making those MLRS-sangokuden-style equipments

but how? how to give sangokuden touch on MLRS?

speaking on it, Concepts in sangokuden are pretty unique, mostly on how they make the original mech design to fits on old history timeline

some of them are
-Sazabi's propellant tanks --> Shiba-I back cloth
- Zeta Plus Wing binders --> Rikuson Back cloth
- Zeta's wing Binders --> Chouhi's Snake Blades in storage mode
-DX's Satellite system binders --> Sou Sou's Cloak
- Freedom's wings --> Gurensou Sou Sou's wings

those are some examples. actually there are on all sangokudens. well, thats the point on getting the correct designs of the characters =D

so for MLRS, it doesn't supposed to be a missile tubes..so...in my mind now..

Date Masamune/Verdant/ Vlag Sword Style, anyone?

now that it got 6-missile tube so for Sangokuden design why not convert it into 6 sword-sheaths then? =D

and grabbing all 6 swords, lets make it Verdant style~

well, just a concept here, i use markers to give the 6 sheaths effects there XD

gonna complete mod on Sonsaku first, then will decide on making the MLRS or not =D



  1. Whoa thats some crazy mods going there :D I love your MLRS concept!

    Keep the mods coming XD

  2. Those keys (the MLRS) means business there.

    Like Chubbybots said, crazy mod job there. Impressive, all in all.

  3. I'm keen for more from this kit.

    Impress us bro, impress us. XD

  4. @Chubby thanks hehe if modding goes well, surely more to come XD

    @Bd yeahh moar business XD crazy mod yay~~

    @Evaritus hopefully can keep up wit this state and make moar mods ^^

    @Marzz yep, intense =D

  5. Awesome mods are awesome~ Keep em' cmin'

  6. *_* mod spams! lol.. very nice one!...

  7. @Twilightreap Keep waiting =D

    @Tsuki ehhehe thanks spam lol

  8. lots of people now modding the SD.. now let's gotta see yours or chubbs gonna finish first ZD hehehe...

    btw your Date Masamune swords style is nice..

  9. @mafty hehehe chubby might finish first, i got lots of stuff to be done on sonsaku =D

    hehehe, MLRS dont always must be shoot-shoot when it goes sangokuden XD

  10. Woah! Sure a heavy mod on it! Hope you win in the Junior GB! XD

  11. @FreedomWen haha heavy mod indeed ^^;;;

  12. Always doing a massive modification...I like that :D

  13. @h4msterworld hehe cant resist from doing so XD

  14. wow, this one is awesome ZD!!
    look at how much effort you put into this kit. Gonna look awesome :D

    all the extra joints mod, ufufufu, cantik sekali!

  15. @Heathorn hehe thanks...buat mod mesti kena cantik kekeke

  16. Your giving him Date masumune fingers, freaking tricked, and love the tassets youve made^^