Friday, June 4, 2010

SD Emperor Sonsaku Physalis MLRS WIP 1

seriously, Sonsaku needs a lot mods for him to look right

Joker : why so serious?

Yukkuri : TAKE IT EASY!

me : wtf...

me myself likes Physalis in Sangokuden form and now i'm liking him more..

ok, i dont have the camera with me so i had to use my phone cam since i wanna make this post..due to the phone cam, i didnt take the WIP photos but only took the progresses so far

okay, a bit summary on what i had did on him

-make the ankle joint to be longer
-took knee portion from trashed Enact to give him articulated legs
-butchered some trashed 1/144 kits for hip joint slot
-make ball-joint for hip like 1/144 kits from pla-plates and Guaiz's shoulder joint
-make elbow joint using hinge from DSSD Astray, and original hip joint
-got a PC in the palm slot
-change the palms with MG WZC's palms
-butchered a lower torso from 1/144 Strike Dagger and used it to extend the original torso to make the proportion to look better

from the mods so far..

he's capable of kneeing pose~!!!

and the Battle Mode..gotta love this form ^^

for next mod, gotta got the legs and arms beefed up as well as the torso.
might extend the neck joint for more mobility.
right now, i consider the arm as the 'inner frame' so armors are on the way =D

the skirt armors need to be rebuild as the original one is short to the new more SB here for the front, side and back skirts

as for size comparison...

OO~! I choose you!!

OO : Whut? Whut?

my my....poor OO...he's facepalming XD

anyway that should wrap up my progress so far XD

oh wait, i forgot to paint StarGazer!




    And yes, 00 has every right to facepalm...

  2. Scale it down tu peha & pinggang skit. Feels like look at cartoon version of superman liao, wide chest big body slim legs....^^"

  3. @Bd yess he is~!! XD

    @ Evaritus haha gonna beef up the leg and arm and waist just making the frame

  4. Lol that is some crazy modding there man :D Can't wait for the beef up version!

  5. Nice joint mods! Are you gonna put on the leg armors? It looks..... Skinny....

  6. @Chubby hehe hopefully can do the beefing up pretty well this time ^^;;

    @mangyver thanks

    @Marzz of course, skinny legs aren't my style XD

  7. LOL XD
    as tall as OO

    the overal proportion looks more fierce than usual SD

    nice one ZD!

  8. @Heat haha thanks ^^ now got some fetish for tall SDs XD