Monday, June 7, 2010

SD StarGazer Gundam

"As he gazes the stars.....he also gazes for the future..."

SD StarGazer Gundam...

say, Stargazing eh, StarGazer?

nothing much to say, since this is kinda like a gallery or something.
so enjoy photos ;D

but first, modeling explanation =D

mod done
-Extended the legs
-Extended the neck
-Extended the torso
-minor pla plating on the whole kit
-Extra Panel lines
-use real spring for chest's hose for detail up purpose

Painting and Finishing
-Tamiya Spray Yellow
-Tamiya Spray Matt White
-Krystal Spray Flat Black
-Krystal Spray Red
-Gundam Lining marker
-foil stickers for eye, monitor and gold trims
-decals from Gundam Decal Frame Astray type
-Mr Super Clear Flat

Basic Photos

okay, lots of flaws ^^ well, this is my first seriously painted kit lol XD apparently i think using panel wash will be better since when i use lining marker, they tends to smudge up on the surface as well =.="

anyway some parts didnt get painted well if you see for the chest vents..yeah, my marker cant reach that yellow is pretty unpleasant to me IMO ^^;;;

Action Photos

oh yes, i drilled a hole at the nozzle of the gun since it didnt have the hole actually

tortoise mode XD

pretty much like those beam 'claws' XD

speaking for this kit, due to the design, it looks a bit weird, forcing me to do all of those mods ^^;; but good thing it turns out pretty good =D
still, need to sharpen more of my skills
being a bit hasty i say, there are some pretty paint chipping that i experienced, making me to flat coat it but good thing the flat coat worth the investment i gave on =D

thats all for now i think ^^

check out the WIP also (urr..not really WIPs i say XD)

-Part 1
-Part 2
-Part 3
-Part 4


Next = RX-78-2 Custom Gallery =D



  1. lol StarGazer stargazing XD

    look pretty cool... nice mod and kinda me want one :P

  2. Haha for a first seriously painted kit. It looks good :D Use enamel for the panel line wash next time ^^

  3. Its an SD Nu... wait...
    That's the "gazing" guy...

  4. @Tsuki hehe thanks. go get a SD XD

    @Chubby no kidding first serious painting XD hahah yeah, actually wanna do enamel wash but gusto dont have enamel black that time ^^;;

    @Bd lol Nu hahha thats StarGazer ;D

  5. The lining is a bit thick, but overall, you did a very clean and nice build :D

  6. Even with the flaws you stated (very minor IMHO), the overall look is nice. A good stepping stone for your future works nonetheless. =)

    ZeeDiongEX continues to shinka~

  7. @h4msterworld hehe the lining were made thick on purpose XD thanks anyway =D

    @Mangyver =D yep bling-bling

    @CD haha thanks

  8. Man the colour scheme really suit this mobile suit.

  9. Do u mind if i copy your design? I really like the color tho, u have instagram? I will tag u when im done