Monday, May 10, 2010

SD StarGazer WIP


its StarGazer time~!

i dont think its right to say this as WIP is its just showing what i did to SG already ^^;;

yes, my SD SG now. the eye portion is black due to me feeling bored and got the eye sprayed with flat black ^^;;

what i did is mostly extra panel-lining, plating using prepaid cards and part extension.some panel line at the feet

platings at torso and crotch (and cheek ^^)

shoulder and torso with extra lines and plating job...almost every parts have the plates ^^

also at the ring on back =D

for extension, i make it so that SG will have better proportion since before this it looks too weird so got the torso extended..and i replaced the hose with springs for better look

and also extended the leg. before this the knee is hidden by the skirt, making it to look like a G-Gen SD despitie this is a SEED SD..the best SD kit IMO
ah yes, a very noobish putty work...the space is too small.....will think on covering that phail later

also extended the neck to give more mobility for the it can make the 'stargazing' pose hahahhaa
ah yes, the panel line on the white part is uber phail but didn twant to fix it since kinda look nice IMO

for size comparison..

with SD UC..almost same height as SD UC (note : SD UC is taller than regular SD)

with SD Verde Buster..after modding, SD SG wins

also wins over SD SF XD

a better look on the head..with flat black looks very nice..ah yes some plating on the v-fin also ^^

as for now, only some finishing job for SG and he can wait to be painted (hopefully, with AB >_>)

as for my KGale, no much progress but now he's like this

i gave the sword from my NG 1/144 Sword Strike so that it can be the base for KGale's that less work for SBing the sword haha and i removed some armors and backpack since more refining needed for those part ^^;; my pla-plate didnt arrive yet (dunno since didnt got to gusto lately hahahahahaha)

for the sword, i removed the beam part and cut some part at the hilt...and will re-design it a bit and waits for pla-plates since i want to make it as double-blade sword (or whatever you call it) hahahaha

thats all for now ^^



  1. So that's your SD's progress (try use pla plates on the extended legs? :) )
    Yep, that's definitely looks like the Stark Jegan pose in striking the Kshatriya.

  2. wow................good idea for adding that sword

  3. @BD might try like that so need to wait for pla plate ^^

    @Mangyver thank you

  4. Where you got the NG 1/144 Sword Strike from? I'm finding it like hell!! I really want it! ARGH!

  5. LOL well i bought it in that time those NG 1/144 is like scattering around..

  6. T_T hope I got the Sword one so i can complete my Strike Weapon System!

  7. good luck in finding it ^^ but now sure it is dead rare now >_>

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