Friday, May 28, 2010

1/100 Sword Impulse Completion

slowly, he's getting his parts all put together

and giving the very nice look of this guy

wait, i still don't put that black piece on the V-fin...oh my

mostly some more minor works which complementing the WIPs for this emo-boy hahaha

got the boomerang painted nicely and neatly~ less masking fails here ^^

uh wait, i still got another ExCalibur didn't getting built yet

so here goes the cementing for the loooooooong seam at the blade..luckily its an easy one to deal with

going for some minor works

maybe they only limits NG 1/100 that time to only have that size of sticker so they got no stickers for the head monitor..

and so

NK style~ got some stickers cut out and got the monitor to be shiny~ but will look much better if i use shiny blue then

also painted the piston at the legs

and as always, thrusters, i like them to be shiny =D

decided to not use the stickers for the triangle at the knee so got those painted =)

and some more sanding the cemented parts and hey look!

this guy is completed~! my my, seems i got less completed works in my blog ^^;;
looking at how he looks, maybe i will just don't give topcoat to my RX-78 Custom and maybe got his gallery to be put up soon...since i got another month before the foundation program starts ^^

hey hey hey, i'm missing something there..

OMG still dont get the shield built..and they still on the runners~!!
well, i'm going to mod the shield a bit but might not doing it not (maybe after taking 1 or 2 days rest XD)

so lets just cut them off from the runners

and stored them nicely so that no need to scramble the box for the parts (usually like that) and i still don't clean the nubs lol hahahhaa a bit lazy XD

so now, my Impulse is done, and having another worklog completed making me more tempted on completing my StarGazer as he only need finishing works..well so, lets see if i can resist that temptation in some more time XD

so next will be Sword Impulse Gallery then ^^



  1. Ha ve good rest before continuing with emo boy there. =D

    Geez... Judging from the pics, his movements are like the early 1/144 HG kits only with additional joints. =P

  2. haha yeah, need enough rest or else i'll got emo-fied by him instead XD

    the movement are quite limited but still considerable judging from the technology from 2005. but still, cant do much cool poses out from him

  3. Lets hope the release a HGUC version of him in the future :D Among all the destiny series gundam I have a this liking for Sword impluse along with sword strike!

    Have a good break man ^^

  4. @ Chubby hahaha yeah HG Sword Impulse Ver 2.0 XD but im hoping they'll make MG Blast Impulse as well..those cannons are awesome~!!

  5. Hmm.... Looking at the sword impulse here..... Maybe the MG version would be a better choice, but of course, it is hard to find it on sales.....

  6. Pretty nice for an old NG. You did a great job on it ZeeDiongEX! XD

  7. @Marzz yeah considering on articulation, the MG ver is a win but in case they might make a Blast Impulse so i might get that =D

    @CD thanks hahah as expected someone would utter that word XP

  8. LOL you call it emo boy, it's actually a mecha ZD, not a boy ^^

  9. @Heat Make it as Emo boy in a mecha XD