Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Insanity Of ZD


Blog Entry #100~!!!

(suddenly Arche went jumping inside my head lol)

dunno how....i just played with enact's leg when working on KGale and suddenly got an idea..

oh yeah.....i cut a bit, glue a bit and here you go~ an articulated arm for Guaiz~! ah no..no more Guaiz...im making this into the enemy FigMach in KGale's story, the CaeZare ^^

okay, this is the length of arm when fully stretched.......kinda crazy isnt it? ^^;;;
so, seems this one got a bit off proportioned due to the 'insane' arm but from my observations, usually enemy suits is design to have weird proportions...so why not go along with the style? XD

ah yes, making an enemy suit with such weird design is a good thing also

KGale will be happy to chop this guy XD

(oh yes what do you think on the long arm? looks nice? need your opinion so that i can decide to do the right arm or not =D)


" After ending our short talk, our swords began to clash. Exchanging some slash with Gran, i noticed that he was unusually different now. Unlike the last battle between Knightingale and CaeZare, he now was like playing with Knightingale.Also, he already got Knightingale's left leg.

Bad luck it seems, I accidentally let an opening and he didn't wasted it. He drove CaeZare's sword deep into Knightingale's torso. Luckily it was deflected a bit but the blade was now 20 cm from my neck. While the sword still in Knightingale's body, i quickly counter-attacked. Directing the tip of Calibre Sword towards CaeZare's torso, i thrust it hard, managed to push CaeZare as well. But its a different Gran now.Knowing he was going to meet his end now, he managed to stab Knightingale again, now having the sword straight into left shoulder and directly towards the cockpit block..but still didn't hit the main core.

Going againts Gran's stubbornness, i swung the sword while it still in CaeZare, slicing half the torso...Revealing the smiling Gran...and both units fell to the ground..."

note : and you had just read the climax part for Exalted Knights Episode 3 (Alternative) but this is not the accurate one..i dont have the original piece with me so i make this using my inaccurate-memory on it ^^;;; but still can get the main points i put in it =D

and so, with KGale and CaeZare in progress, i made this..

(enjoy the photos ^^)

(Damn you little shrimp)

and thats my noobish effort on re-creating the scene in the passage hahaha and i found it look nice ^^

anyway thats all for now =D



  1. When I saw the first picture the first thing that came to my mind is Guren XD

  2. Nice! Lol, like kei says, it resembles a Guren.

  3. My my my... Even while waiting for the paint to dry your mecha is ALREADY at each others' throat (talk about being "competitive" XD).

    And by the looks of it, KnightingGale already score a mecha. =D

  4. Nice long arm there! Creative man!

  5. @Keionfan and Marzz same here..me thinks of Guren as well XD

    @bd hero suit will always win XD

    @freedomwen thanks !

  6. awesome sword and arm.
    I saw Karen's Gurren MK2 there (Code GeasS)

  7. haha now more people said its a guren ^^

    eh wait lolwhut? KGale= lancelot and CaeZare= Guren O_O