Thursday, May 27, 2010

1/100 Sword Impulse WIP 2

Apparently i found this guy to be a fun build

so NG 1/100s aren't really bad then

but if i get NG 1/100 Overflag after this (or maybe not), it will end up as GN-Flag i say XD

almost done with Impulse himself. seems the proportion is a bit off.Maybe the torso need some extension.

Or maybe its just me

with the long legs, he needs a good stance =D

main part here is on the backpack ^^

and that's the final design for my backpack.less longer than original and got some stacks instead of that stupid long black block

at first i want to make some vents on that white piece but it turned out to be my plates are too thick to work on so i just make it like that. Kinda lazy for extra detailing also XP

less elongated, right? stupid long black block no more~

and for some random stuff during the build

they give you a very nice, long seam on the ExCalibur (oh wait, i didn't sand it properly in the photo)

and at the hilt also some nice seams, awaiting sanding to progress on

and with the backpack?

sword mounted on quite nice

what about the beam boomerang then?

mounted as usual but the swiveling mount at the backpack is put upside-down because i wanna it to look so

what about grabbing weapons?

still can grab the sword quite natural

but for the boomerang..

quite some efforts needed. He made some nice stretch there XD

some minor stuffs. the mount for the boomerang is in full red so i called on for my flat black spray.and masking went well it seems =)

going on with the backpack

primed. lets see what i got here

quite obvious nub at the thruster. seems my nubs removing skill is still sucks >_<

and i'll accept this result ^^

wrapping up my works on the backpack

Flat Black! I choose you!

oh my, looks a bit thick here.but luckily its flat black.flat color will give some nice thin layers so less part-thickening-up will happen when it's flat color (and that's why i like this flat black. it's cheap also =D)

and here he goes.with a nice stance ^^ as you see, i added up the complement parts little by little as the building goes on. still don't build the another ExCalibur though..LONG SEAMS~!!!

another look on the backpack.and i like it now.better be stacked up than be protruded

and that's one mod done. another mod will be on the shield (you know why, see my G30th) and maybe i build that shield later

looking at this build to come out nicely, now i got some guts on finishing off my SD StarGazer. what do you think? should i go and stock up white, gray, and yellow Tamiya Sprays and complete the painting (and enamel black for panel wash too ^^) ?

or just wait until i get myself an Airbrush?

oh yes, the PC at the hip is weak. it cant hold the weight of the leg and tends to sag down..need some strengthening work on that hip ball-joint i think

so that's all for now ^^



  1. nice progress!

    hm... how long to wait for an Airbrush set? if next few days .. i think just wait.. if a couple of weeks.. maybe just go ahead with spray cans.. ^^

  2. You thinking of getting an airbrush? Should be more economical than getting spray cans in the long run...

  3. @Tsuki i can say its gonna be a pretty long time for that but hopefully i can get one before this year ends.still got another month before going to prep so lets see if i can hold myself ^^;;

    @Marzz well yes, its is more economical and can do lots of painting techniques with it which i'm looking forward on doing it =D

  4. Wow, you going to get overflag? Go for it ZD, it's a nice kit with lots of details

  5. ah hahaha no lah just mumbling over there XD but if got free time in future might get it lulz