Sunday, May 23, 2010

Change of Plan..

okay, lots of my plans got changed in this three days (21-23) so lets see some of them


first, i got the offer for Foundation program at UM, which needs me to report in at 23th May and at the same time i was waiting for JPA's scholarship results to be announced, which is at 21st May...very very late and caused lots of trouble for people who got offer for foundation program as well..

so the result could be checked after 3 pm that day but before the stated time...someone posted a link for checking the result...and i checked mine..

the result? i dont get the offer for the scholarship..and i did felt a bit down >_>

considering that i will start hostel life at UM, i started to clean up my room

and the first thing i got done is my Gunplas..

lets bring them back to their boxes XD

so i got them all packed back into the boxes as i wanted to prevent them from dusts and my little brother XD

and everything gets packed up..

some views on the gunplas before they were off to their storage XD

so the i got them all arranged nicely at my used-to-be-a-display shelf..and i was liking the way i got them now ^^

and also got my work table cleaned as well

then i checked out my FB page...and noticed a friend told me to check the result back

because i was told that the previous one is NOT OFFICIAL

and so...


me got the offer~!!!!!

but uh wait...should report in at 4th July...which is more than 1 month...


hell seems i will only just recover back the one which i wanna work on like KGale.....orz


so today (make it yesterday), i went back to the store that offer crazy sale again..sadly..that MG Exia TA is not there...and this is the 5th time i came to the store in a week...and

i gave up

i gave up on that Exia..

btw Andrew, you want that SD Exia R2 + O clear set right? tell me so that i can go get it ^^

and the list of stuffs under sale..updated version XD

-HGUC Schuzrum Dias
-HG Hyperion
-HG Arche
-HG Tieren Space Type
-HG Leon Astray PMC
-NG 1/100 Sword Strike
-SD O + R2 Clear Set

all got 50% off

thats all i think >_>

as for me myself..


well, i got this since it got less blue parts as blue parts got nubs which are crazy to be removed nicely...and this will be a relax build during my KGale Project since i got lack of inspirations on doing KGale orz..

but anyway lets look at emo boy XD

good thing they give extra white V-fin and the extra is made of soft plastic

overall runners.. to as much as MG and not as less as HG (but HG do got lots of runners more than NG 1/100 nowadays i think)

the beam parts kinda looks nice hahhahahah..i gave up on 7 swords and get 2 swords instead XP

presenting~~~~ Emo Boy~!!! will make no use to me XD

apparently i thought its a hard plastic but it turns to be some flexible one

they got some nice details there (Note : This is my forst NG 1/ pathetic -___-)

and so

i got the core splendor snap-fitted

for me the design looks nice...and dont planned to get the color right since it will be hidden by the torso anyway

the transformed one..

looks okay laa IMO

so as for Sword Impulse build, most likely will be some simple build..only will remove seams and for mod, will only mod the backpack...kinda hate the design..too long..

well then, that's all i think =D

kinda sleepy now so that i typed this to be some sort of crap XD



  1. lol brother pwned
    good luck then ^^(for the scholarship)
    how much you get for that impulse ?
    well i saw bunch of SD and HG exia R2 + o gundam clear last week -__-(just have nice boxart for me)
    for me just one change(so far)
    1.SHF gatack(or cyclone joker) + fang joker => SIC ixa and dark kiva loLZ

  2. Well, kinda sad to know that you couldn't get the MG Trans-am Exia...
    But at least you got something else^^

  3. Just not as planed...

    And you got yourself... emoboy...

    Make sure you p0wnage him nicely. >)

  4. @anonymous thanks hahaha i got that for RM63 as i got 50% offer as well..the clear set is there also but i dont like clear kits as it is hard to work on them =D

    @marzz a memento from the sale XD

    @BD time to put release all of my stress to emoboy XD

  5. Well at least you get depress then happy XD.

    But at least you can fit a few gunpla in 1 box,I don't even know why I kept all the trees.

    I don't know why at first I thought you would use the sword from impulse for KGale XD

  6. Wow Aussie man ! There's a gunpla group over there also, so do check 'em out. =)

    Too bad no TA Exia at craziest price ever, but emo boy should do just fine. ^^

    Huh, tough time resisting getting a MG Victory or Ple's Quebeley Mk.II.... I need a better camera !

  7. yo ZD, congratulations!!
    you are great, scholarship man....
    and to Australia, that's cool!

    What part of Australia will you be staying in?

  8. @Keionfan haha well i used to keep all the tree and last time i throw it all it was like filled up a large trash bag >_> well i do still keep some of the tree as might use it in future ^^
    Excalibur for KGale? nah..too big XD

    @Evaritus maybe when i am there =D hmm MG V and cant decide which better too hahaah

    @Heathorn Thanks ^^ well need to pass the foundation then they will give me the univ i shall study at ^^

  9. Congratz on the scholarship!
    Looks like you're going to Aus. XP

    Oho, you got the Sword Impulse. Thought you wouldn't get it because of the shield. XD

    (Yes, I'm late to comment this time.)

  10. @CD haha thanks bro ^^ well at first i was thinking on the shield as well but comparing with Sword Strike..i rather mod the shield instead of killing myself with those nubs on blue parts XD

    its okay, its never late to comment =D