Tuesday, May 25, 2010

1/100 Sword Impulse WIP 1

and so i started on Sword Impulse as a relax build during Project KGale =D

and my table is already like this >_>

apparently, as relaxing as i say, i did a random build for this one..hardly i completed building a part lol. can say i build a part until done the main part and moved to other part without completing the particular build of a part >_>

see the photos and you'll know what i mean =D

see, no V-fin and vents at the chest XD hahahhahaha
as for the torso, the build is fairly simple, even some HGs nowadays are more complex to build ^^;; for the head i make the seams to be panel lines..less work to do by doing that =D

due to the transformation gimmick, the shoulder joint got such mobility..wanna see what kind of poses it can pull off with such joint =)

and here it is...the long ugly backpack...awaiting my saw to rip it off XD

for the waist, nothing fancy, almost like HGs' waist (and i didn't put the gray pieces and even the side skirts XD)

for the feet itself, i gave some tiny meeenie mod.cutting a little piece of plastic to make the toe to be able to bend upwards a bit ^^

and as i going to the legs' build, here comes the part i like the most~ articulation mod and test~

with original configuration, this is what you get for knee bend

and the transformed leg..

so what i did is i reverse the orientation of the knee piece, making the front side to be back side and back side to be front side

and what i got?

moar bend~!!!

and the transformed got a bit altered..never mind, i wont transform this guy apart from the core splendor

then i proceed on cementing and sanding the part

then i realized something..

I ASSEMBLED THE THIGH WRONG~!!!!!! (look at the manual)

but seem look nice this way ^^;;;

and the backpack got sawed...

starting the mod, i put two pla-strips there and will sand them flush when cement had cured

and the new backpack should looks like this..there will be some scratch building as i'm thinking on putting some vents on it =D

for the rifle, as usual, cement, sand and this time i gave it some coats of flat black and looks very nice now~

and so far..

only THAT MUCH is built XD hahhahaah really really random building XD

look~!!! no seams~!!!! me like~!!!! hahahahahahaha

and the arm now is cemented, waiting the cement to cure and sanding will commence~

and i had said i still didn't put the 'minor' parts on..

and they still

ON THE RUNNERS~!!! hahahahhahah will put those after done modding the backpack ^^;;;

and the other stuff i shall be modding also is the shield..and you know why.. ^^



  1. The long backpack looks hideous... >_<
    Good thing that you've sawed it off.

    The kit looks overly simplistic... Gunpla has progressed alot since the design of the 1/100 HG Sword Impulse was made.

  2. Nice Progress XD... the leg mod is just simple and effective LOL :D

  3. @BD yeah, i HAD to saw that fugly backpack..or i will cursing at it everytime i look at it XD

    yeah, in just 5 years, Bandai could bring the HG lines to shame up those NG 1/100 XD

    @Tsuki haha sometimes mod doesnt even requires cutting :D

  4. O.O at the aw, those are to saw off metal gates..too big & rough bro. ^^"

    The leg terbalik is just fine, better than original 1.

    In terms of backpack, nothing looks more cool than from Seed Series. =) GSD full-o-rip off !

  5. @Evaritus hahahhahah yeah true about the saw ^^;; did lots of mistakes when sawing and had to rebuild the mistake parts >_< hahahha
    hahahha yeah, big backpack= seed~!! XD

  6. a...........same like its HG......but after mod....maybe will have big difference XP

  7. @mangyver hahah lol no point making mod if change nothing XD

  8. Hi,

    I wasn't keen on spending all that money on an MG sword impulse. what's the better of the two, the NG 1/100 or the HG 1/144? scale is no problem :)

    looking forward to the finished work, keep it up :D

  9. @Elton thanks for dropping by ^^

    as for me, i think the NG 1/100 is better in several cases

    it got better color separation which means less painting required

    it got better details

    apparently NG 1/100 got more parts which will be much enjoyable for those who enjoy building =D

    well, you may just check the reviews at Dalong. hope this may help a bit ^^

  10. Thanks for the info ZoiDieCT, just chked on dalong and that's a big block at the back of the sword impulse! good job on that. i've just started with gundams and there's hardly any supplies available here in india, so modding is far away. i'm still trying to figure a substitute for topcoat since no one here has even heard of it -_- i'll be checking out if acrylic matte medium can be used this weekend if i get the time

  11. @Elton Good Luck then ^^ as for topcoat, maybe clear spray might can do the job but if you are going for those clear spray, just do some experiments with the excess runners to see how the effects on the runner, just in case the spray might ruin the plastic ^^