Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sneak Peek

just some previews ^^
(all the pictures in this post are taken using my phone's camera, only 2MP, and after i view the pictures in full resolution, it turns to be kinda bad for some pictures but after being resized in this post, seems didnt really bad ^^ )

1.Another Worklog

yes, i did mentioned that i got myself a SD Stargazer..for Project KGale, I'm now in modding phase and currently in SB-sub phase and thanks to lack of materials, i had to stop a bit (note : i'll mod first, then go for detailing).so while waiting for pla plates that i just ordered, i started on StarGazer.

so far i had removed seams and made some extra panel-lines but the phone cant capture close up so not really obvious -_- but due to its design, the SD version got a very large head and large feet to overcome the back-heavy so SG looks a bit weird compared to other SDs..so with pla plates coming to me, i'll extend the torso and leg a bit ^^

2. KnightinGale Haz Cape

some sneak peek on KGale so far ^^;;;.it really need a big backpack since what i found a bit weird on proportion is that the side binders make it a bit odd.but i like the binders and the backpack seems can overcome this problem ^^

not really much progress hahahaha since currently in major SB mode >_>

how the backpack should look like...or can say, Cape-Pack lulz hahaha i just slapping together parts fro my HG Enact on FG Duel's backpack and the long wings/pseudo-cape is just a template from cardboard ^^ (anyone noticed wriggle nightbug look alike? XD)

in flying configuration it should have this kind of wingspan (or maybe i should make a hilt so that can combine the wings in to a big Fking sword lololololololol)

epic phail close up ^^;;;; ah yes, actually the attachment point at enact's wing was broken long time ago so i made a peg at the wing and put a PC on the base so kinda look better ^^

3.Crazy Sale FTW~

oh yes, just know about this last night from my teacher (lol) a local retail store is clearing some of its gunpla stock (not all, just some 'selected gunplas') so i went there to see the offer (and its for the whole month of May =D)

what we got here? SD OOR, SD Exia R2 + O gundam Clear set (WTF), FG Dynames, some SD Sangokuden, HG Ahead Smultron, HG Hyperion Gundam, HG Tieren Space, HGUC BD-02 (woah), HGUC Schuzrum Dias, HG Arche, NG 1/100 Legend

HG Hyperion, Hg Tieren Space, HGUC Geara Doga (!!) HG Garazzo, NG 1/100 destiny

HG Hyperion (again), HG Arche (again), HG Leon's Astray PMC, HG white Kerberos Bucue Hound, SD OOR, NG 1/100 Sword Impulse

and here we got HG Exia, HG white Bucue, HG Rudolph's Gouf Ignited , HG Astray PMC, HG Ahead Smultron, SD sangokuden kits, NG 1/100 Providence and Legend and MG Strike (woah)

and how much the offer is?

O_O WTF!!!!!! 50%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (that makes MG Strike=RM100 lolololololololol) after discount all HGs are below RM 50 O.o and NG 1/100 below RM80 OMG damn tempting !!!!! maybe i'll take one *cough*two*cough* hahahha

thats all for now ^^ just wanna make a post since i STILL dont have my usual camera with me so cant make post like usual (usual=almost daily ^^)

oh yes, i did mentioned that i wanted to limit my gunpla-looting this year but seems i 'failed' for the first half of this year....i got myself 5 kits already..(TTHL Exia TA, HGUC UC DM,HGUC RX-78 G30, SD UC and SD Stargazer) and seems another loot(s) coming up orz...but then, HGAW X seems didnt tempted me now so maybe for 2nd half of year maybe just HG OOQ (or NG 1/100 ver if it is good) and any attachment of it or whatsoever haha



  1. At the start I thought the wing was Infinite Justice wings -_-

    Mega sale -_-

  2. @keionfan lol IJ hahhaa i have no IJ ^^ and yeah sale.... -_-

    @tsuki same as me, wtf also

  3. Woot 50 off ! My eyes on MG Aile Strike though.

  4. 50%!!!!!! I want that MG Strike!!!!! Even though I just bought the IWSP, haha.

  5. Wah First it was Singapore now its spreaded to Malaysia,the sale i mean.When will it spread to Bruneiiiiii!
    BTW i extremely like the head design,i'm saying this at the bottom of my heart

  6. @evaritus same here haha eyeing that extreme cheap MG Strike ^^

    @marzz hahaha you just got IWSP =D control your self buddy

    @faris keep on waiting maybe they'll held one soon ^^ and thank you very much =D glad to know you like it ^^

  7. 50%!!!.. where is the sale held? and until when???

  8. @seven6398 its held at Billion Supermarket Kota bharu Kelantan and it will run for the whole May from 1st May until 31st May to be exact..tempted? hahaha

  9. WHUT?! So darn cheap! I wish my place here got sale like that too! I'll definitely pick up that MG Aile Strike there. *_*

  10. @CD now you know how i felt..damn tempting just feel wanna put all in trolley XD

  11. 50% off, I would definitely buy something.

    well, discount is not good for me...

  12. haha same lah, discount=>get=>pwned lulz hahahaaha

  13. Muhahaha suprised to see me alive?
    I guess i have been long gone and absent. But i love the way that the KNIGHTINGALE turned out have you considered giving it landspinners just like the code geass knightmare frames? Seeing all those gunpla in the same lace at half price is making me hyperventilate :). I finnaly took the time to get my ginn review up and while you reached the 1 year anniversary of your blog i reached the 1 year anniversary of my gunpla building. :)

  14. @Gunplaite haha good thing to see you still here. and congratulations for completing 1st year of gunplaing =D

    yeah the sale is crazy, too crazy ^^;;;

    maybe i wont put those landspinner since i prefer mine to be simple hahaha but still need to make lots on it ^^