Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And they went too far.....

in terms of having a SALE....

oh yes, actually i thought that i would pick up something from the crazy sale, so i went there again. well, actually planned to head for Gusto first but i ended up having problems with my bank card so i decided that i just went for some sighting instead.

so, when i was heading up to the toy section (yes, they put Gunpla under toy section), i noticed a RC stuff shop. to my surprise they got some nice Scale-models there. And surprising enough, they even got Trumpeter's kits...but I'm not in the mood for those scale models XD

and so i reached the Sale part..

and i was shocked..

they put about 10 boxes of MG Exia TA for sale...and during this time i thought it was given 50 % off..

well yeah, I'm shocked to see MG Exia under such when i see the price tag, it says RM319.90....quite pricey...but i missed something there..

NOTE : click 'READ MORE' at your own risk.i wont take any responsibility over heart attacks, sudden faints, dropping jaws or RaRC (Rapid and Random Cursing)

so with a corrupted mind over MG Exia under sale, i went to see other kits on sale as well.there were some NG 1/100 Sword Strike and Sword impulse and mostly were the same kits like in the previous post..So i went back to give MG Exia TA's box another glance over the box (surprisingly the box was kinda light-weighted)

then my eyes caught on something just below the price tag..oh its the discount tag

at first i thought it was 50%..but it looked weird so i compared it with the other MG Exias' boxes and other 50% off kits...

and the Exia one is absolutely not 50%

and i WTFed...

i can accept 50% but 80% OFF!? WTF!!!!!!!!!!!

and the 80% off is special only for MG Exia TA! O_o

and i got poisoned back with MG Exia..despite the efforts of folks at NK's Cbox who listed out the flaws of MG Exia which managed to de-poison me...that time..

Good Job Billion Supermarket, you had just blew my mind...

and yes, i totally didn't believe that discount tag so i went asking a staff at the toy section

ZD : Miss, is this one is 50% or what?

Staff : *picks up box* ah this one is 80%

ZD : HHEEEHH!!!???? (no kidding, i said this, LOUDLY)

Staff : Yes, uh wait, *looks back at box* yes it is 80%

ZD : HEEEHHHH!!???????? (louder than the first one)

and i left the staff with a completely blown up mind..

with the awesome discount, that MG Exia should cost about RM63.98...

damn cheaper than a HG...

MG Ball Ver ka : *went crying at a corner*

so people, let me hear the screams of your hearts XD

and i had just screamed out this


tomorrow one of the Exias will settle down at ZD's base :D hopefully XP



  1. nect time bring me along, and we'll say together like, WTFF???

  2. MG Exia TA at 80% off??!!!??


    then again.. I hate Trans-Am kits... hate the pink.. hate the glossy pink lol.. no matter how cheap it is.. I guess I'll skip it.. Unless... its an Ignition Mode :D..

    but damn.. thats crazy!

    p/s : if bought i might recolor.. but can it be re-paint... its a gloss injection hm..... saaaaa...

  3. @syful yooshh lets do it together XD

    @Tsuki well yeah, at first i dont want MG Exia due to the flaws..but my eyes are blinded with such cheap price..and i do wanna snap some MGs hahah...well, for me TA kits are not bad but i dont think i gonna mod this will be a OOB ^^and the red LED is something unavoidable :D

    well, you can paint gloss injection kits.just remove the gloss layer.and i highly recommend sanding sponge to remove the gloss since it will do less damage to the parts =D

  4. HOLY SH*T!
    Lucky guy, you are. I actually like the Trans-am color, but as I already have the normal IM mode..... NO.
    Unless I can find one here with 80% off, that is.

  5. @marzz haha well you already have the IM ^^;;;
    as for me who didnt often buy MGs, so this kind of chance is better-not-to-be-ignored, so i shall have this as a backlogs (nice one~) as im going to be enrolled into university soon ^^

  6. where is tis billiob supermarket

  7. @niczz its at Kota Bharu, Kelantan, Malaysia ^^;;;

  8. -_- wow cheaper then the HG that many people dislike Trans-AM XD

  9. Woot transam for 60+. That's serious cheap for a supermarket deal, or they don't even bother about the price tag according to Yen.

  10. @Keionfan haha yeah like in HLJ but this 80% is not something regular XD

    @Evaritus indeed cheap likehell.and its MG..well, supermarket use higher exchange rate but when its 80% XP

  11. hahaha ^^ very tempting prize LOL
    (note : it's me ^^)

  12. seems that rndm will scream to kelantan now lololololol

  13. Hi!
    Mind help me buy?
    If can giv me ur Bank acc num,TQ!
    I m from Johor Bahru

  14. @Anonymous hahahha seems i might get if lucky enough hahaha and yeah, he did XD

    @gundamrevolution hmm lets wait a bit or give me your email and lets discuss about it

  15. @Anon: I did but too bad it is at the other side of the country for me. XP

    Grah, that supermarket is better than ANY store I've been to! If only I could, I would. =/

  16. Alright, where is that place? Still available? AARGH! GONE NUTS!

  17. its at Kelantan you know..i dont think its still there...