Friday, May 14, 2010

Project KnightinGale File 2

too bad he lost his opponent now XD

compiling all progress i made so far in File 2..well, as you can see i didn't do much on KGale itself ^^;;;

but lets get going =D

the only changes i made to KGale is reducing the size of the plates on the torso.i cut it until it became parallel with the side of the torso and added some tiny plates on the torso

as for the head, yes this is a TTHL kit so the eye didn't molded correctly so i cut a VERY small piece resembling the eye part and even cut it half through the thickness to make it thinner and pasting it is kinda hard to get it right...(see the mis-aligning lol)

oh yes, i accidentally dropped KGale to the floor and it got 'shattered'. but no damage at all except for the main fin on the broke and i couldn't find the broken part so i just sharpened the remainder..

and among the major work i'd been focusing on is on the backpack. guess parts from what kits i took XD

for mounting the backpack i made a hole and put a PC in the torso.and also glued a peg from leftover runner to serve as the mounting peg

the backpack, in its 'single' form.i used parts from Guaiz's and Duel's backpack with enact's knees to form this~

as for the backpack i gave it multi-adapt gimmick (lame name XD) with the red peg i can choose to make different types of backpack

for normal configuration i will just put those 2 mount rack and it will serve for mounting the Calibre Sword :D

also can make the CapePack by attaching the cape-booster set~

as for the sword, i used NG Sword Strike's sword as the base (well, just cutting and relocate some parts though >_>) but this is what i have for now

close ups on the sword =D

also, thanks to NG 1/144 hollow molding, i have a slot for mounting the sword~

and it will look like this when mounted at the backpack

and looks like this on KGale

and of course he can grab the sword as well ^^

okay need some suggestions here. i planned to make the shoulder to have asymmetrical design so im thinking on using Strike's shoulder armor as the what you guys think?

so how it looks thoroughly

anyway, when i came to this much progress, i decided to stop for a while and did some work on my Guren Guaiz/ CaeZare..but bad thing happens...


i was using FG Exia's thigh slot to make the thigh more tighter but when i put it, it is kinda loose a bit so i put some super glue into the slot..but when i put it they become too tight so when i tried to disassemble it, i got the PC-ball joint of the hip joint twisted off...and snapped....and i just can't fix this one....orz

so i packed Guaiz into the box and decided that i will work on it back after some time...

but i just can't give myself some break...

and got the torso of Guaiz cut and sawed..



(and say bye bye to Project CaeZare T_T)

close up on it..first i thought need to make some pegs but then it just snaps on the torso~ Nnice~!

and i got high

so another part got cut and sawed...

*puts on sunglasses*


so here i got the calf of Guaiz, sawed it a bit and hollowed the inner part and it just slides into KGale's leg~ only need to remove the ankle guard~ but the ankle movement forward and back is limited a bit ^^;;;

and still gonna add more to make it to fully cover the lower leg perhaps ^^

thats all for now =D



  1. looking finger-licking good there =D

    can't wait for the completed version :)

  2. Armor pack? COOL MAN!

  3. Haha no more bad guy=no more problem
    i like his backpack,cant wait to see it painted,btw whats Kgale color scheme?

  4. @BD thank you~ soon the completed version in...err....a few more months? XD

    @freedomWen thanks~

    @Faris haha no more bad guy= no more worklog= no more problem XD

    for the color scheme i didnt decice yet..gonna think on it after done modding it =D

  5. Wah... Armor Upgrade kit ver Zandai!! lol... poor that guy ^^;; go KnightinGale!!!! torya!!!

    Nice sword and wings :D

  6. @tsuki LOL hahahaha thanks anyway XD

  7. nice ZD!
    for me, the neck needs some more parts around so it doesn't look too long ^^

  8. @heathorn thanks ^^ dont worry, materials coming to me soon =D