Sunday, May 30, 2010

1/100 Sword Impulse Gundam

and here i bring you the Product from my relax-yet-lazy build ^^;;;

Red Emo Boy~



just some photos of his poses so less talk in this post XD

my my, seems i got less completed works posted here ^^;;;

Basic Photos

oh yes, i painted those 2 squares at the rifle with a layer of silver followed with some red from permanent red marker to give shiny red effect =D

Action Poses

and that's a very useful joint for the shoulder which is meant for transformation but since i hate the transformation, it makes the Impulse to be able to pull out some natural poses =)

At first, i thought the size of the Combat San knives are ridiculously small but when i got the blades painted and put in the fist..don't seems bad at all.But still will look a bit better if it is made bigger a bit

okay, due to limited articulations, cant pull out some pretty poses >_<
no kidding, long sword is long XD

kinda weird pose i think XD

oh yes, i like this pose

it looks like that it is supported via the wall but actually, if it is positioned right, it can stand with some small base for this photo, i pulled it near the wall without me noticing it XP

meh, I'm sucks in posing make them like......


much better this way XD

ending the gallery, here i brought you..



speaking on this kit, well, its just like building a HG at the scale of 1/100. the color separation is good although modern HG is waaaaaaaaaay lots more better than him now XD

speaking on the build itself, i realized that my seams removal is not good for an may see some visible one due to discoloration between the cement and the raw plastic..well yeah, seams removal for OOB is hard to get it right since seams removal is meant for painting ^^;;; but still this kit provide some nice trainings for me XD

on side note, the beams for the ExCalibur is longer than the provided space, so it will be bent when inserted so cutting the beam a bit at the upper side is recommended so that it will look right =)

and yes, a random stuff i had just discovered

a very nice balancing indeed XD

now i had completed the Impulse...only left the shield to be worked on which i save it for my next bored period XD and so, i think its better for me to finish StarGazer. so maybe next will be on painting StarGazer =D

Check the WIPs ^^
-WIP 1
-WIP 2
-WIP 3
-Extended Mod

on random note, i am afraid..that if i go to Gusto for some Tamiya Sprays..

and spot Aizu on the shelf...

and end up getting clueless there >_>



  1. Even with limited articulations, you still managed to strike some awesome poses there.

    Wait... AIZU~! ME WANTS~! YAAAR~!

  2. wow, nice poses ZD!!
    yeah the shoulder joints are really useful when it comes to posing.

  3. @BD thanks =D haha Aizu is kinda tempting me now XD

    @Heat indeed useful joints ^^

  4. Yeah, that 'Macgyver' knife, really balancing, huh?! XD

  5. excelent poses.

    think again, I've never made a truly page of my gundam ever...

    I guess I'll do that with my 00-7swords later for the first pla.

  6. @mangyver5223 uh what? those are M71-AAK "Folding Razor" anti-armor knives...

    @DivineLight Thanks ^^haha at least you got some nice flowing WIPs =D

  7. Yeah, I knew it. But Love called it Macgyver knife XD

  8. Looks like this kit can pull off some decent poses......

  9. @Marzz yes he is....but not too much ^^;;;

  10. Really nice poses you did there. I also liked the pose you liked most. XD
    The Sword Impulse is truly a great design even though it looks dwarfed for the NG (but it still looks good from what I've seen from your shots). =)

  11. @CD thanks ^^ yeah, NG proportions are turning me a bit off but raising shoulder+ moar waist-turn= great poses :D