Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

obligatory Aidilfitri post

featuring Dark Of The Moon Deluxe Mechtech Bumblebee. nice figure btw and i'll review this. sooner or later

anyway, Happy Eid-Fitri to all Muslims around the globe and enjoy the holiday everyone :D

Thursday, August 25, 2011

HG Strike Freedom- Sneak Peek

now i am rushing on this, very very rushing

and this is how it looks now. just need to tack the Dragoons on the booster binders (read: Virtue's cannon). GN-X armors are awesome stuff to FA-ize this, and they blend in well. i also removed the mid-torso articulation as the backpack is very heavy, and replace them with brass rod pinning for strength. i'll have proper WIP writeup once im done with this

by the way

im now playing resin. and it's a poseable resin figure, something that can par with Figmas. yes, Liquidstone 11th Kadou Shoujo Izayoi Sakuya

that's all for nowLink

Thursday, August 11, 2011

HG Strike Freedom- Proportion Test

and now, the heat for Gunpla Builders World Cup Malaysia had arisen..
imma nailing this one.

with this

another proportion check, to buy me time before i am to work on it for real. mocking it up with a PG frame, i can see that the shoulder joints need adjustments, and the arm may or may not need some more extensions. all left for those minor adjustments, and a bit more armor up- mainly for the arms and legs (THEM BARE LEGS)

backpack, yeah, now i will resort to a new plan, but will still retain the SBed backpack i did a while ago, only gonna redesign it. kit-bash ideas come along, and now i am having thoughts of using Virtue's back cannon as thrusters and Dragoon binders.

with me struggling for my final semester, i only have 2 weeks to do this. this is it, or never.
that's all for now

Monday, August 1, 2011

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 8

you wont see any actual gunpla part in this post

lets hope that i don't glue that pegs!
the thing bothering me with Impulse is the joints. i had basically glued all the seams, and being unaware on how to paint the joints. yeah, i thought of doing the painting, masking method, but apparently, the parts scratch and rub with the joint. so, had to do cut cut. and from my memory, i am used to not glue the pegs of joints. ah well, we'll see on it.

anyway, happy fasting to all muslims, enjoy this month of blessing ^^