Thursday, August 25, 2011

HG Strike Freedom- Sneak Peek

now i am rushing on this, very very rushing

and this is how it looks now. just need to tack the Dragoons on the booster binders (read: Virtue's cannon). GN-X armors are awesome stuff to FA-ize this, and they blend in well. i also removed the mid-torso articulation as the backpack is very heavy, and replace them with brass rod pinning for strength. i'll have proper WIP writeup once im done with this

by the way

im now playing resin. and it's a poseable resin figure, something that can par with Figmas. yes, Liquidstone 11th Kadou Shoujo Izayoi Sakuya

that's all for nowLink


  1. Epic XD can't wait to see the end XD

  2. Very interesting for you to use Virtue's cannons on the Strike Freedom... Hope to see the finished product soon XD

  3. i love the leg armors.. all made by pla-plate?

  4. Woot, Figma-like you say ? Gimme the post of this one also ! I wanna see how many parts that needed to work on as well ~

  5. @Khaidir % Gunso please wait warmly :)

    @Seven leg armors are from GN-X's leg armors. fits just nice

    @Evaritus sure,will do

  6. Dem legs! And good luck with the resin figure.

  7. That Strike Freedom is gonna look strong!
    But I'm more interested on how would you do your resin figures :D

  8. @Tom looks like the legs are attractive. thanks bro!

    @h4msterworld sure, wait for the post ^^

  9. wott...
    awesome ZD..

    it seems my skill is still far from your :D

  10. @Mafty lol naah, this just some kitbashing yo, you make parts from pla plates =D

  11. quite a lot of redesign this time!
    good luck for the bakuc, ZD :)