Monday, August 1, 2011

1/60 RD Force Impulse WIP 8

you wont see any actual gunpla part in this post

lets hope that i don't glue that pegs!
the thing bothering me with Impulse is the joints. i had basically glued all the seams, and being unaware on how to paint the joints. yeah, i thought of doing the painting, masking method, but apparently, the parts scratch and rub with the joint. so, had to do cut cut. and from my memory, i am used to not glue the pegs of joints. ah well, we'll see on it.

anyway, happy fasting to all muslims, enjoy this month of blessing ^^


  1. Selamat Berpuasa, dude. Unfortunately I had to start of fasting with a bad flu (which delays my Dreissen review, geh).

    Hopefully I don't get a fever...

  2. That is really one complicated part to tackle!! But i think its possible to redo the joints. But it will involve scratch building the joints hehe..

  3. @Bd oh my, get well soon. cant do well under sick-mode

    @chubbybots haha, nothing but some cut cut to deal with it XD Sbing the whole joint? oh man, i have no large enough polycaps to do so ^^;;;

  4. It remind me of my previous force me to do that painting and masking method..time consumming if I must say..

    Happy fasting to you too bro :D

  5. @h4msterworld yeah, kinda regret on cementing it earlier ^^;; happy fasting to you also ^^