Tuesday, July 19, 2011

HG OO Qan[T]

ok, this is where irony hits me hard. last stuff, yet this is the first completed work for 2011 ^^

For the future! (both Setsuna and me)

now again, a wall of text before the picture.

basically, this is just OOB repaint, in which i repainted it in original colors, with some mods, namely on the GN Sword V so that it will be more anime-accurate. aside from that, this is the first kit that i painted using my airbrush, well, technically first kit i tested using airbrush, but i completed this one after ReZEL Plus ^^;;

as for colors, the blue is Mr hobby character blue + some white, the red is mr hobby red, and the yellow is Tamiya yellow spray can. as for the white, its mix of Tamiya white and mr hobby white, and the frame color is my gunmetal mix from mr hobby white, black and silver. i also painted the clear parts using mr hobby clear green. decals from MG Exia dry decals, and lined using tamiya enamel black

talking on the kit itself, uhh, this is a unique kit. not in positive term, but it is so hard to put it in a good stance. and plus, hard to pose too. the right arm is badly limited, and somewhat the proportion doesnt look right. i wont speak on Full Saber, as i am not to speak on it (lol) anyway, at least the mod i didnt made it looks much much better. and yeah, buster sword is goddamn heavy. as for now, enjoy the photos

Basic Photos

Action poses

apparently, these small daggers looks nice on it :D

and so, that's it. oh wait, i still have that ELS diorama battle photos to be posted, i'll make another post for that ahahah

check out the WIPs also
-WIP 1

anyway, that's all for now!



  1. A more matted finish does wonders to the kit. And the dagger pose, just like Strike with its Armour Schneiders. =D

  2. So I wasn't the only one who did Strike Gundam poses with the daggers lol.

  3. I love all of the action pose :D
    I never really shot any of my finished gunpla in an action shot, I'm too scared to damage the paint T.T

  4. @Bd actually it is finished with semi-gloss finish ^^;;; forgot to mention that in the post

    @Tom it is already made for the HG :D

    @h4msterworld hmm yeah, but in a way, my painted kits their paint pretty resistant to scratch, and to add on that, my Unicorn and SD Sinanju isnt even top coated yet

  5. wow.. neat and clean.. like the pose too.. but the picture a bit blurry.. may be you can try on tripod or other setting..