Saturday, February 19, 2011


and the mods started for this one :D

spot the differences!

as i dont plan heavy mods nor conversions, plainly simple detailing and some fix, so i go for the fix first

yeas, the GN Sword V. screw the HG 90' holding one!

this is how it should be! although not as accurate as lineart by few degrees, at least looks much much better than MG version :D

closer look. what to do? tilt the ball joint of the palm, and extends the top blue part

also, in addition, i make the peg at the blue part thicker, as the original do NOTHING to support the sword. also, Mr Cement Deluxe works wonder, it glues ABS with styrene like a piece of cake, with it's fast drying time, it does give a very strong bond =D but still, i have problem using this to deal with seams though ^^;;;

:D cant ask more than this ^^

and it helps the stance too! better stance achieved!

speaking of seams

the seams on OOQ are crazy, not that there are lots of them, but there are few but they lies after panel lines, which means, across an intended seam, half of it are panel lines and the rest are seams -_-;;;

the head is more of a problem

see the gap. that's the most precise cut i ever done. i like you my 0.15 mm saw. if i didnt do this, no way i can seal the seam of the head. dont talk on face modding separation etc, those are impossible

spend quite some time, to ensure i dont screw up this :D then i gauged out some plastic from the other side to make a matching gap

and the gun mode looks better ^^

that's all for now!



  1. I was wondering on how you made the wrist. So you cut and added something in-between, eh? Nice. =D

    The mods you've done could give it's MG version a run for its money. XD

  2. Interesting... I would like to "steal" your idea for the wrist mod. LOL.
    What did you use to glue the wrist after you cut it? And what's the white thing?

  3. @Bd yeah, actually extending the peg of the ball will do, but i doubt the strength as well as it is harder. besides, adding something makes it looks more mecha-ish :D

    @Marzz eheh, in building plamo, you build, you share, and let others build and share too :D
    apparently i use Mr Cement Deluxe, which works wonders. however if you doubt on cement's strength especially on ABS, maybe superglue will do the job. white thing? you mean pla plates?
    yes, at the wrist and blue part, those are pla plates

  4. Cement Deluxe on ABS ? It does work like charm. =)

    Nice idea on that, going to take note on that. =)

  5. @evaritus gotta agree. i was surprised to see how it works with ABS :D