Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SD OO Qan[T]

first of all, this isnt mine. it's my brother's. just feel like doing something less burdening (i wont use relax build) i expect to finish this in a day, but it took longer. still, i am a bit lazy lol

few stuff to point out, as well as repairing few parts broken by the brother. ah well, kids

hmmm, how should i start? well, relax painting, as you can see, looks pretty bad. maybe because i didnt prime the kit. rather some uneven layers, at least looks okay from a distance. the white is from Gundam marker, and the gray is hand painted.

the GN Sword turns out nice. oh yeah, the swiveling handle, the swivel point is tight so that the handle broke in my brother's palm (serves him right), managed to fix it tho

the blue, gundam marker, rather unfitting with the overall color. screw that then. lol. ah yeah, i didnt even bother the seams, like i said, something more relaxing than a relax build

maybe i shouldnt paint that

the peg for a bit also broke, spent quite some time fixing that.

turned on my table lamp and it goes trans am. something has to do with exposure? i didnt really have knowledge on photography

well, this is fine, too

the joint, which allows the binder to opens up, sucks so much so that i replaced it with Koto MSG. although there's some gap the, looks better like this. the white painted part, i handpainted first, then i touch up with marker. result? half assed

that's all, i felt like losing out my gunpla-tamashi. lol


  1. smart oh. meme talented ah mg :D though i know nothing bout gundam but still ur artworks stay awesome!

  2. ur brother collect gundam too? cool

  3. Ah, so this is the SD you've been working on.

  4. a relax build huh, I see you don't bother with proportion either.

    I pass this one, only SD Sinanju I will buy next, so my SD only Unicorn and Sinanju

  5. @Inani keeping the standard hehe

    @Gunpla more like a kid tendecy towards robots. i kinda opposing his like towards gunpla, no need more of myself in a house

    @Bd yeep

    @Divinelight yeah, haha you noticed it XD i didnt even bother the proportion. same for me, getting the sinanju as well =D

  6. Happy Chinese New Year. And little siblings are a pain in the butt aren't they.

  7. I wondering if LED can be inserted inside this kit's body =/

  8. @Tom they sure do XD

    @Mangyver there are more than enough space for doing so, not just the body, even for the head.

  9. Nais~ tempted to get one of these kit and attach my extra full saber to it xD

  10. @Astrayp03 ohho, do eett XD looking forward to that :D

  11. LOL yeah I will ^^ not anytime soon tho. got a few kits lined up before I start on anything else xD