Monday, February 14, 2011

Jinxs WIP 1


the bad-asseries, uh well, he's going to die any soon lol

first of all, a peek on soon to be assimilated Jinx3, which i had so far dealt the seams, except for the head, as modding the head to make easy painting is a bit tricky, but i managed to pull it out and that's what i'll be sharing in this post ^^

the head layout. the nature of the faceplate is rather unique, compared to Gundam-types

what to do

remove unneeded pegs. the 2 tiny pegs near the chin...

and the horizontal bar. hack those off


actually i want to make a video on the reinsertion, but the camera battery seems to dislike the idea. i will make that anyway, but not in this post ^^

and that's for Jinx3. Jinx next

notice anything? :D

testing out minisaw that i just acquired. pretty good, and quite precise and less damage cuts made ^^ i want a longer torso, AND additional mobility, so there goes my second last MSG joint, had to restock those ^^;;;

bend to the front..

aaaaaaaaaaaand back too ^^ oh yeah, the lower binders are a hindrance, so i might adjust something on that. OR make a Pseudo GN-XIV, my own version :D

That's all!


  1. So this was the modifications that you've told earlier. With that much added movement, more dynamic poses are guarantied.

  2. Ooh asimilations, this should be interesting

  3. love the new torso proportion ^^

  4. @Bd yes, somehow cant just go away with extension without something else added ^^;;;

    @Gunstray yep :D me too

    @Heat thanks bro ^^