Wednesday, February 16, 2011

HG OOQ-Snapfit

will be using this one for my big project/ diorama, you had seen the Jinx3, now his turn

you dont see this in the me.

in a way, i found it is hard to put it in a stance

managed so somehow, almost like my favorite stance ;D

looks good, and nice, maybe will look even better if the sword are held correctly XD

remember HG OO's perfect kneeing?

he can do so, but not as perfect as OO

looks nice tho, in a way

rndm is right. the peg that connects the sword to the arm is nothing but a show. doesnt help in providing support for the sword. that need some refining

instead of crappy canon set-up, i prefer holding the shield further up, more dynamic this way

and the buster rifle is something i dont expect at all

he can easily supports it, although the thing almost threw up his center of balance

sword looks nice too, but he CAN NOT slash, hack or stab. the best, hold it straight up that's all. the palm SERIOUSLY needs to be modded


last but not least


(obviously homage on WTHDYTIA Kick)

ok, no major mod, except for the palm. will be detail it up a bit, cant do overload as i planned to detail Jinx3 not too much. in a diorama, consistencies are important



  1. The Qan[T] has a bulkier thigh than the 00. XD

    The GN Sword V is... long, and off-balanced to use...

    Qan[T] Kick, something you don't see everyday. XD

  2. IS the big sword on his shoulder making him hard to put in a stance?
    I really like this kit since he looks more muscular compare to the previous MS

  3. What's this diorama you have planed with a GN-X and the Quanta?

  4. @Bd yeah, a bit bulkier but seems i can live with it XD

    @h4msterworld not really, maybe due to the asymmetrical design, i think

    @Tom battle with ELS :D

  5. Luckily I just settle down with the SD version plus the FS.

  6. @Evaritus eheh, i do saw a Full Saber when going buying this guy, yet i dont feel the full saber XD already i have done the SD