Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sinanju Kickathon short notice

just a quickie, something to announce for Kickathon

FYI, the GB is actually separated into 2 parts, the GB itself and the kickathon, which is GB participants are directly eligible for it while it is also opens for others, just submit a kick. for example, Divinelight's Sinanju stomp can fight also ^^

for some particular reason, i think the GB will be dragged until March, so i decided to change the prize for the Kickathon

courtesy of GundamGuy

how is it? fitting the overall GB theme ^^ Sinanju ;D

do inform me if there's anything regarding both GB and kickathon


  1. THIS, seems relevant to my interest. Expect the unexpected. XD

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  3. Sinanju "Macross" as the new gift really suit the contest theme :)

    good luck for all participants

  4. @Bd looking forward to that

    @Aya cant disagree with that, macross sinanju XD

  5. Say, is it still about "the best Sinanju Kick" theme ?