Thursday, February 10, 2011

KTJ Festival

KTJ here stands for Kumpulan Teknologi Jepun/ Japan's Group Of Technology. or better say as the group in INTEC that will continue their studies in Japan. and apparently today they held a festival (sorta mini festival), held at Main Hall of INTEC. got myself there when it is almost over, and pretty like small festival, and coincidentally that today almost all lecturers attend conference, so INTEC is pretty student-less today, except AUSMAT students who have Chemistry Test in that evening. I am one of them ^^;;;

and yeah, there aren't much booths, but there are enough booths to have some fun. and i did have some fun. and this is to be expected.

MG Strike Noir! Hell yes! My expectation didn't go wrong!

and i forgot how flimsy a MG is...

putting him into a stance is pretty hard ^^;; and apparently i didn't switch the palms into articulated palms, so the stance looks a bit weird. and due to no stand available, ground poses are pretty hard too.
But It's FUN! actually this is at Aikido booth, their session had ended and a guy at the booth hijacked Noir from anime booth. had some chat with him and it's always great to meet others in the same boat!

Fang Joker spotted at anime booth. they offers anime downloads but i didnt really bother to check it as they already near to closing ^^;;; see that Noir's box?

Sushi! actually these are being sold, and a bonus to late-comers. eat them for FREE! it's been a while since i last had a sushi ^^

calligraphy booth. just a quick paparazzi action as i was about to go for my lunch that time ^^;;;

and this too. origami!

conclusion? Fun! and the upcoming Intec's Open Day and Carnival should be great. Looking forward to it! lol


  1. Cool, nice to be able to meet some who is in the league. =D

    And... free sushi? Count me in. XD

  2. hoping such event will be held at my own campus :D

  3. as much as I love figures chibi ass kickers, sushi and Gunpla, nothing beats caligraphy, and origami.

  4. @Bd nothing more fun that that XD

    @mangyver then you must be the one to organize it

    @Gunstray seconded that