Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jinx Head Mod

well, yeah, reposting something from previous Jinx WIP, only that i include this with a video and wanna make a more detailed post on it

basically, design and construction of HG GN-X is somehow different than a regular Gundam Type, mainly due to its unique chin. when i first acquire this kit, i do wondered for a couple of times to figure out any mod so that seamlines on the head can be sealed and the face can be painted easier. good thing i hit it in the first shot :D

first of all, parts layout

the GN-X is the modded one while GN-XIII is the will-be-modded one XD

first cut. the 2 pegs near the chin part. dont need them, as they are the main hindrance for the reinsertion. cut them away

next, the horizontal bar at the back of the face plate. dont really need it, so cut it off BUT retain the vertical bar. it is okay if you want to remove the pegs completely, but i prefer to retain the vertical bar so that the face is more secured later

how it looks when it is cut. and view this video on how the reinsertion should be (sorry if it's a bit blur ^^;;)

as you can see, the forehead orb helps to secure the face too, and so, seam lines on the head, dealt :D

that's all for now!



  1. Oho, so he's basically "primed" and ready. =D

  2. So he ready to be painted now :D

  3. @Bd and Aya not really ready to paint, just checking the surface, there are still seams visible ^^;;