Friday, January 28, 2011

28th of January 2011

hmmm, its been a while since the last post, uh, well, the last post is sticky one so yeaa

nothing much, just something different i tried today.

pretty much last day before CNY break (1 week), and had a bit of free time, so actually wanna go to a water theme park, but we get out a bit late so that only left few time to be in there. so we went for something else

canoeing :)

kind of fun, yeah, enjoy some photo spam XD canoeing in the middle of a city ^^

pretty temperate weather, this evening.

later, we went across the bridge

some few moments before i get caught into that fountain ^^;;;

(yeah, this is me)


best. view.evar. ^^

that's for the evening. the night, tonight isnt like so. we thought of having a game of bowling, so went to nearby mall. to our frustration, the lanes was booked for a tournament, so then we headed to another bowling center. guess what? they got 18 people in WAITING LIST. $#$%#@@#

and so, we end up our night strolling with

McDonalds's Coffee. best quality time spent together ^^


  1. Cool... you get to row them canoes (and over at my area it's raining badly).

    Ah... nothing like a cup of coffee with friends. =D

  2. Nice, it's always great to go out and do something with friends. :)

    I've never been canoeing before so... how does it feel actually?

  3. Ah its a wonderful feeling having that nice warm cuppa of coffee with friends!

  4. I haven't gone canoeing in two years lol. McDonalds are alway fun with friends. XD

  5. Seems that You have Fun :D Happy holiday can expect your gunpla project continue during the Holiday ?

  6. Great way of relaxing and having fun with your friends ^^..kinda reminds me that I need some vacation too LoL