Saturday, January 8, 2011


nothing really, just adding few more stuff into the blog, like the Home and Specials button up there. removed my collection list as i think galleries compilations in the Specials will be more than enough. also, like my usual style, the Galleries will have their own WIPs linked there, still, some of my older galleries aren't having so. will do that later.

and yes, Tip And Tricks section will be added later ^^

oh hey, today is January 8 already. i extended the deadline of the GB to 15th January. folks, work on while you can, as i wont be extending it anymore

and to make ease for the Best Kick as well. please cooperate.

image from hacchaka

i will do this. i will.


  1. One thing for sure, its a heck more organized now. =D

  2. What the? SQN?! (aka Sakuya)