Wednesday, January 12, 2011


and they arrived safely :D

didn't know it came from Sarawak XD for a PosLaju, this good condition box is..unexpected?

what are those? something i need for my diorama project, so you can pretty much guessed that they are grunts

there's two of them. since for my dio, i need a Jinx to be stabbed by an ELS, so i dont think buying a fresh nice one is a good idea, so i tried finding some built ones. brought up the deal at Lowyat forum, and apparently i was offered these two at some nice deal. so, the Jinx is a bonus to me, and Jinx3 is to be pwned, soon.

when i say it's a bonus, it deserves any bonus it can take on XD
yeah, i found Jinx3 design is ugly, so i gave the lance to Jinx. and Jinx is punishing Jinx3 for being a failure among the Jinxies XD

the Jinx is good, except no long barrel, in which i don't mind at all. the Jinx3 didnt come with its ass thrusters, so need to scratch build that one (well, second hand items) then again, im quite happy with these two ^^ no regret at all :D


last 3 days. I Am Waiting.


  1. Out of the two, I prefer the plain vanilla GN-X. Looks unique.

    Ah... Looks like Jinx has a murderous-aura to him. XD

  2. Ooooo Can't wait to see the JINX get stabbed.

  3. I like the GN-X IV more. I heard that the "MG" GN-X IV is a resin kit from B-Club or something. If it is, it's a dick move from Bandai.

  4. @Bd same for me, the Vanilla Jinx looks better

    @Marzz hehe, it will be horrible XD

    @Tom yeah, me too, i rather wait for the HG one. kinda lazy to build MG GN-XIV hahahha

  5. @Aya yes, but then, i need a Jinx to be stabbed, so kinda not worth buying a fresh new one. need a Quanta as well, but that will be fresh one :D gray Jinx is like bonus get hahahha

  6. Haha can't wait to see your work with these 2 kits ^^ Seems like quite a big project this is!!

  7. @Chubbybots the Jinx3 will be a bit simple, another Freezeart in the making XD

    the regular Jinx might have some heavy works ^^;;;

  8. yeah I didn't like jin3 either, so jinx stabbing jinx3 is very much justified :D

  9. actually I think the normal gnx is a bit impractical, it's like you can't see your surrounding clearly coz of the big armors.
    But it has cool design :D