Thursday, July 7, 2011

HGUC Sinanju long had i got this delayed? ^^;;;

the hell i care on that, TAKE THIS! SINANJU KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK *cough* *cough*

ok, where am i?

anyway, this is my entry for my very own HGUC Sinanju Group Build- SINANJU KICK which run for..err.forgot how long already but you can check the full post from the side bar including entries from other participants as well. this kit itself, is a gift from Tsukinari, all thanks to him, in which a gift for me for doing his ReZEL or which i prefer to call as ReZEL Plus :D

anyway, yes, Sinanju, a monoeye. honestly, i am a Gundam guy, and i give no love to those monoeyes and their weird Weird WEIRD proportion and designs (read: Zaku, Gelgoog, Dom etc) but Sinanju is a catch. a Monoeye, with Gundam proportion. all that emblems and trims, that wing binders and stuff, why would i say no to this? well, i did say no to the MG one but HGUC? HELL YES

in a way, sweet proportion yet still needs improvements. basically, the waist section, thanks to the design of the skirt armors, made it to look bigger than the torso. so that need some fats over there, and that's what i did. 1.5mm for each side, so the torso's width is increased for 3 mm. i managed to resist from adding extra details like lining, plating etc as i planned to keep it simple and subtle as well as to experiment on another painting technique. aside from the torso mod, i do mod the knee, making the knee armor to separate like the MG Sinanju. other than standard procedure of preparing kit for seam line removal and easier painting, i also create gaps on the shoulder armor, creating armor separation by putting 2 0.5 mm pla plates to the underside of the shoulder armor.

now, this is what i focused more on this kit. painting. i used this kit as a test bed for trying some painting techniques which i will describe it as you read on. firstly, pre-shading. i tried to do some preshading, which turns out pretty decent. i did the standard black preshade on the fuel tanks, but on the overall armors, that's what i am putting the full focus.

basically, i am considering on the theory of transparencies of colors, given by the pigments and their vibrancy. what did on Sinanju is that i use red as preshade, and then put on yellow all over it, hoping to create sorta gradiation effect, simple said as making the armor to have the color of red, orange (red+ yellow) and yellow. results? uh well, i must say it does looks very nice in my eyes, but running out of paint when i was about to spray off few last pieces is kinda $%#!@^. good thing i still have some leftover from my Tamiya yellow spray.

another thing that i tried is to paint the underside of the armors, without masking any pieces. it is rather easy and fun, i just need to set the airbrush nozzle to the thinnest output, and spray while not to attack the part you didnt want to paint. same goes when painting the upperside. avoid pointing the underside :D

i also tried Gaia paints for the first time, mainly for the black, white and gray you see on Sinanju, and i must say, gaianotes are marvelous. the coverage is awesome, within a layer can make a very nice coloring, the finish is very smooth, and yeah, awesome.

color wise, armors is yellow and red as preshade. gray for vents and rifle, dark gray for the black part of Sinanju, black for the shield, gunmetal for frame and silver for them thrusters and stuff.

that's one hell of a wall of text over there, so now, enjoy the photos :D

Basic Photos

Action poses

so, then, that's it! lol

anyway, check out the WIP and the GB page as well ^^
-Sinanju GB

that's all for now!


  1. Oh Wall of t... hey is that 'The Yellow Comet??' lol

    yes I did read and the mod u did is very nice.. and nice paint job too.. the pre-shading looks good.. very nice and I like it.. The white trims is really went with yellow ^^.. great job on this kit bro!

    and lastly.. DAT BACKDROP LOLOL

  2. Hehe interesting experiment on the paint job. For me, I also went with very basic mods for the Sinanju (That is why i can finish it :P)

    Now onward with that Gundoom unofficial group build lol...maybe incorporate a gundam kick at the end again haha..

  3. Ohhh~ Nice shading and finishing.

    Do note, the Sinanju is a dual-eye in disguise. Remember Daguza... T_T

  4. good job bro.. but i think you need a better camera.. haha

  5. I really like the preshading, it's a gradient from yellow to orange from point to point, didn't know Sinanju will look so good in Yellow:D

  6. @tsukinari thanks bro :D heh, i shall not reveal the secret of that backdrop here XD

    @Chubbybots ehehhe, same for me, counter gundam kick onto Sinanju, when my gundoom is completed ^^

    @Bd yeah, that, adding more points and reason on why must get sinanju :D
    why must you reminds on Daguza ;_;

    @Seven thanks, and yeah, ^^;; need a better camera XD i am currently eyeing for my personal camera

    @daymien yeap, yellow is bright and good ^^

  7. As they all say, better late than never. The yellow really looks well againts the backdrop...XD

  8. like this color, yellow comet :D
    you did shading with orange?

  9. @G.Gunso yeah, well said =D

    @Heathorn thanks bro, and i did shading with red, not orange

  10. Agreed, Sinanju is one special monoeye unit!
    love the yellow, making him looks like a sports car :D