Wednesday, June 29, 2011

HGUC Unicorn DM

a one night repaint/rework

(im running out of ideas on what to type lol)

now, yeah, i have to agree, urges and boredom are dangerous. i killed my Guaiz due to being bored, and this, yeah. the urge to paint. and since this kit is already assembled and modded, nothing much hard to rework on this. and yeah, to eliminate that ugly parting line on the thighs too. and seam-line wise, it's like non-existent in this kit, except for the beam magnum. yeah, this kit has a wonderful construction, so that the supposed seams looks like extra panel lines ^^

as for mods, nothing but extra mobility to the knee, by a series of mods that you can check out from the links to the WIPs at the end of the post

painting wise,
Frame and joint- gunmetal that i mixed. mixed from acrylic black and silvers, but it dries flat. gunmetal is best with finishes like gloss or semi-gloss, which i discover from my OOQ and Sinanju.

there are 3 types of different greys in this kit, all mixed from Gaia black and white. the white you see is a very light grey, and majority of armors are dark gray. while for feet and backpack, i used a lighter dark gray. first it didn't look that obvious, but it turns out great in the photos. and yeah, i haven't coat this kit yet. as for the psycho frame, i just applied my enamel clear red, but some appears like fogged, so i put on my red permanent marker over it.

i think i didn't give enough curing time, as when i put on red lining for the face vents, the paint come off when i clean it up, maybe i rubbed it too harsh. so yea. and yeah, sprayed chrome silver for the nozzle and scope, making it blings more than other rifle i painted XD and yes, no masking, just spray it directly but keeping a distance so that i dont paint the parts i dont want

as for choice of color, more like experimenting more with Gaia paints. my experiences during painting Sinanju was great, so i might made this as my main choice later (by that, i mean lacquer paints. brand can be assorted XD)

lazy to type, enjoy the photos

hope you enjoyed this little rework. and same drill as usual, check out the WIPs and OOB gallery as well =D

-WIP 1
-WIP 2
-WIP 3
-OOB Gallery

that's it for now!


  1. Actually, I kind of like this colour scheme more than the all bone-white original, as it shows more detail and... less visible-ish in combat.

    Overall, nice work. =D

  2. Hey this color scheme is nicer than i thought O_O

    Nice job ZD :D

  3. nice color scheme ^^. reminds me of one modeller that did the same like urs but Fang Joker Colors.

  4. @bd yeah, agreed with the stealth effect. actually almost cannot resist to mod the v-fin to be banshee-ish ^^;;;

    @Redmage thanks! :D

    @Khaidir thanks bro, yeah, Unicorn is exploitable, someone even mod it into Cyclone Joker