Thursday, March 18, 2010

HGUC Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode]

To My Only Desire

The Beast Of Possibilities

The Symbol Of Hope

done my driving session quite near with afternoon today so the sun is at the perfect position for an outdoor photoshoot..not too hot and the intensity of sunlight is quite nice so had brought UC outside ^^

i dont think that i'll do a review on the details or articulations whatsoever since i'm sucks in that so i recommend to view the detailed review of UC DM at rndm's site or at Dalong's site....

managed to snap some pictures of UC's poses before my camera's battery gone zero orz

using sunlight is quite nice..even without flash, no noise is produced and manage to get the nice details of UC and the psycho frame snapped (well usually for indoor, i didnt use tripod so got a bit hard time getting clear pictures ^^;;)

sunlight gave lighting from all directions so the eye-sticker did lighten up in most of the pictures...didnt managed to make like this mostly if i make indoor photoshoot...

some parts of the psycho Frame did gleamed

Piercing the heaven!! i mean...Final Shot~!!

Hax Shield LOLZ~!!

kinda hard to get the palm to grab the saber's hilt due to the limited articulation of the arm but still can do so~

*insert beam here*

*insert two beams here*
hand-to-hand fight? and yeah, UC cheats with the beam tonfas XD

Super SAIYA~!!!!!! lolz~!

being my first HGUC, i can say that HGUC lineups are awesome..and UC is beautifully crafted and designed..despite being a 1/144 scale model, each parts is made up of a large amount of separated parts..and it's just looking good by only standing

being built with many parts, somehow i felt no right when moving some of the parts as the joints are quite stiff and also afraid of some parts might pop off but nothing happened so far ^^;; and yeah it got the feeling of solidness~

also check the WIPs as i highlighted most points of the kit in the WIPs ^^

-Part 0
-Part 1
-Part 2
-Part 3



  1. wait, so destroy mode doesn't come with any beam sabers?

    sunlight is very helpful when doing photography, I believe mafty also feels this way ^^

  2. yeah no beams..

    UC UC : get me lolz~!

    yeah sunlight is pretty good =D

  3. great, now I'm totally poisoned...

  4. felt like buying those of it and custom one to Banshee! XD Nice photo shooting!

  5. Ohh... Looks good outdoors. And yes, no noise is evident in the photos.

  6. @freedomwen dunt custom...soon we'll get HGUC banshee lolz

    @bd yeah very clear details lol

  7. hahah I tho you will use unicorn Long poem lolz
    get banshee next and do the real final shot =D
    anyway what kind of dispaly stand you use seems very familiar @_@ ??

  8. berkuasa dengan kuasa matahari.....

  9. @moe ahhh....thats what i wanna do actually, using that poem lolz
    maybe will got banshee =D
    and thats Action base 1 ~

    @Mangyver untuk lebih kuasa =D
    gunalah energizer XD

  10. I have to say the red translucent plastic look great under the sun. Is that your backyard?

  11. woooaaaahhh
    you have a great open space!!!
    I envy you now!!!

    awesome pose too..

  12. very nice shots! the first two are just like n the anime, awesome ^^

    like the poses. i forgot, so this guy doesnt come with beams for the sabers? o.O

  13. @mafty lol but your photos is are better than me =D
    @rocklee yep,no beams~
    cant do anything without it~

  14. Ah some of the shots are a little bit too bright, you might want to experiment with the EV thingy on your camera :D Set it to maybe -1.0 to reduce the harshness of the light!

    Who need beams when you can already do swords yourself :D

    *points to uber giant sword from previous wip :D

  15. ah lol SB beam XD

    and yeah...but i didnt have enough knowledge on photographing...just shoot and choose the best =D