Wednesday, March 17, 2010



soon after i finished my session for driving class today, i quickly went home as i'm getting impatient to see the completed UC lol~ so lets begin~i started with the backpack first~

nice details incorporated for the backpack~ the two rings are crafted nicely too~

and yes, same with the rest thrusters, these 4 also got the same treatment ^^

done with the backpack........moving to the arms next

as building goes, i found a very nice feature of the arm, thanks to Bandai's always-getting-better design engineering for HG kits...

guess what?

FULL INNER PSYCHO FRAME!!!!!!! O_O this is a pure win~! even the details on the PF are done with great effort lol ^^ thanks to the red polycap that give the effect of full frame for the arm~

and also

the armors for the arms is mainly white and only two grey pieces (forgot to include the grey piece at the wrist orz) making this arm to be at the same level as MG kits~

indeed, the design is great as i never touched any UC before my eyes before this (in the net is not counted) so this is the first UC i ever touched~


done~done~done~!! UC DM is done~!!!!love the design of UC DM~!

weapons and armaments next~

i love this 'X'~!! and if see clearly, can notice a very ugly (inner) nubs at the lower fins due to some mistakes i'd done when cutting this part of the runner -_- but managed to cover it a bit using permanent marker red (used this trick on the nubs at psycho frame)

big shield with nice design...beware, this one can fly lolz~!!

lastly, the overpowered beam magnum~

all the parts for the beam magnum...actually wanna remove the seams but was too lazy to do i skip seams removal....and the extra clips (better say used clips,its hollow then!) just only an add-on, nothing fancy..cant attach it to the magnum....

yeah, the beam magnum is long...very very long~! even the funnel is made of two parts....big and long...that describe how powerful it is..

for newer HGUCs, they have pegs in the palm so that secure attachment for weapons can be done like newer it can hold the magnum very nice unlike..
*cough* MG WZC *cough*

WZC : Hey!!

with the armaments built...

UC DM completed~! with beam magnum and Hax Shield~!
pretty faster build than building OO
OO : =_=

making the face-vents red really shows the effects of activated NT-D...

nice shiny thrusters~!!!! me like~!!!

so overall, UC DM is a great build for a HG..i admit that i enjoyed the build very much..UC makes up complexity of the design and simplicity of HG kits making it to be among the great kit i ever build~ and yeah, despite having limited poseability, a bit mod can fix this flaw...should be mentioned also the less need for panel-lining (altered by the Unicorn mode which is a panel-lining hell yeah!! XD)

and from the engineering of this kit, we might have more surprises for HGAW Gundam X, one of the anticipated kits of the year ^^ me too~

and for photoshooting the poses, i think that i'll make it as outdoor photoshoot since using sunlight will make the Psycho Frame to have more gleams (see pictures above and you can see some parts being gleams) so what do you guys think?

and yeah, i'm satisfied with this HGUC kit...indeed, HGUC is poisonous ^^ lol


looks like someone isnt satisfied lolz~!

what will you see next?
*hint*kaiser scrander*hint*



  1. Wow, fast build! Ninja levels!
    Anyway, how did you paint the inside of the thrusters? I always screw them up last time.... Not daring to try yet....

  2. woah epic battle soon =D
    man I want my HGUC unicorn now @_@
    LOL hax shield but true ^^;;;

  3. marzz: lol i just use a normal gold marker and push it until got colored well~

    moe: hax lol~ get get get~

  4. Oh... Looks very nice. And yes, HGUC nowadays are like mini-MG.

  5. yeah...soon...there will be no HG...we might get Master High Grade lol =D

  6. wow.. HG seems cooler than the MG..
    more stable at least..

    so more HGUC Unicorn series then?

  7. Yar, HGs are impressive nowadays, especially HGUCs. =D

    *applauds* The thrusters look beautiful!

    I wonder "who" could that be? XD

  8. mafty : dunno..maybe RX-78 G30 next lol ^^

    CD : haha, big sword vs big gun lolz~!

  9. You make me want to get more! XD How much you got it for? Nice review and WIP you got there.

  10. haha get lolz~! i got it for RM73.80~ pretty good price

  11. Bandai didn't slack on this HGUC ^^

  12. Keionfan : yeah, truly manage to poison me for more HGUC

    Mangyver : mmg cantek walaupun just berdiri ;D

  13. *_* Jaw dropping! freaking full inner psycoframe!!!

    Ninja build indeed ninja!

    lol epic battle soon! LOLZ

    now im really tempted to get this guy!

    MG Unicorn - wtf! how come a mere hguc got full inner frame!!! O_o

    me - fufufufu lulz

  14. get get get~!

    at least not zombie lulz~!

    HGUC UC : im on OVA design~! youre ver ka~
    UC ver ka: whut??

  15. ZD is damn fast!
    looks nice bro, especially now the legs can bend 180! hahahaha
    going to paint this one?

  16. haha no painting this one...its just look good like this lolz~!
    not making the 180' bend, still like the rear leg thruster~ =D