Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Moar Potential, Moar Articulations!!!!!

well, i happen to view a review of UC and it also shows another method of modding the knee so.....

i see moar potential here~!! fufufufufufufufufufufu~!!!

according to the review, that stud needs to be cut~

in the review the armor is cut kinda much but for me i think cut a little bit is okay since i already mod the upper knee part lol

and the results?



something interesting here....^^

if the rear thruster armor is removed.......

O_O!!!! 180' bending LOLZ~!!!!!!!!
OO : WTF???

but nah, i wont make it like this lol, already satisfied with the mod and i like the thruster armor lolz

so...i continue with building the next leg

painted the thruster (all of them) with gold and silver

and yeah, one thing that i regret the most...

actually, using the 'new' way of modding the knee doesnt need to sand/cut/trim the rear armor!!!!
note: the leg at the right side has same mobility like the leg at left side

ZD: O_O;;;

wat can i say? what is done is done...and no one actually care about the rear side of UC's leg lolz (maybe) but anyway,i still satisfied with my own way of modding ^^;;

and then, lets continue with the waist section ^^

nothing much, just something that most people will do, splitting the skirt armor~

and just something typical like painting the thrusters in gold and silver (again)

ohohoho, lower part of UC is done~ i admit that the design really catch me (but sorry, your crotch lose to ReZEL lolz XD)


a better view of the mobility after modding the legs ...with reference lines ^^

and then. i took some rest and went feeding the goats (calling me for food lolz)

so...working my way from bottom to top, next is building the torso..


wtf??? no clear red Psycho-Frame for the back !!!! (i guess that Bandai is using the reason that the back is covered by the backpack orz)
need painting orz
so, for making the nice red color...

here comes my permanent red marker to the rescue~!! (CD marker~)

and yeah, the color is nice lolz~!!

torso done~ also painted the red piece at the side white (but also put the sticker in the end since the white didnt look good ^^;;)

nice thing that the waist connections is made like HG Cherudim/Arios~ rotates at the waist and ball-joint at the mid torso~~


done done done~! the torso is done~!

now, for the part that i love building the most..the head~!

similar to Ngee Khiong, i also give it red 'lipstick'...looks more stunning this way~
and the eye-sticker is kinda small and got some problems to put it right ^^;;

also painted the back of the V-fin white so that it will be more accurate in terms of parts' colors~

slaps on some parts and..

head done~! and despite having 8 different pieces forming the head, the head actually show NO SEAMS!! pretty nice design for the head (ok, i'll let you go Bandai for the head)

now i know how tall he is~ but he is tall yet skinny ^^;; and overall the design is too nice!! thanks to HGUC non-transformable design,he do got some solid-feelings~!

with the leg mod, a nicer kneeing pose can be achieved~!!

and thats for this WIP then~ shall be continuing with the arms, backpack and armaments in next WIP~



  1. Cool modification, except... even without, it already can move a lot... -_-

    Can't wait to the finished work (or... a duel between Setsuna and Banagher XD).

  2. ahaha just wanna mod it more =D

    haha setsuna vs banagher
    big beam sword vs big beam blast lolz~ ^^

  3. XDDD just want to mod

  4. now it's even better than the previous mod!
    Big success doc!

  5. moe : cant resist the modding temptation lolz

    heat: doc lol~! XD

  6. nice mod. Will wait for the finish product. Meanwhile don't get too carry away with mod. Just be careful.

  7. Unicorn DM: ARMS! WHERE ARE MY ARMS?! w(/A\)w

    Funny that a different modding technique requires less visual sacrifice. XD

    Can't wait till you finish it, it is just simply beautiful when finished. ^^

  8. leon: yeah better limit on mod of even i will got myself 'modded' =D

    rndm: yeah, different technique,different requirement...ZD=pwned ^^;;

  9. O_o... moar mods!!! 180' @#@KL%$ ORZ ORZ ORZ.. WTF Indeed!! lol its awesome~ lol..

  10. yeah you right...when i discover the 180', i also goes !@#$%