Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Gusto Dot Com!

from the latest info i got, this shop is already CLOSED

yea, that's kinda sad ;_;
Its no hotel, Moe!No Hotel!

EDITED : Added the address of the shop ^^

like i said before, i'm setting my foot to the very first Hobby Shop in Kota Bharu,Kelantan..aka Gusto Dot Com. first, thanks to my teacher Mr Zamani for introducing this shop to me ^^
lets go to the shop!

the signboard of Gusto. they're having a red silhouette of WZC on the board ^^

the front of the shop is a nice display case of examples of merchandises that we can get here. hummm...NICE!
enough of outdoor talk, lets go for indoor talk then!!

opening the sliding front door, these kits greet us.Moe, look there...MG Ball Ver Ka that sells for RM 88 LOL

the kits that will greet us directly after entering the shop.look at there...its MG GN-X LOLZ!!! ITS HERE!!!!
there's also MG Goku ^^ and there are special promotion for Sangokuden kits where you can get 2 kits at RM 50!
and at the left side of GP03 box, its PG WZC special edition !!!

more kits here...luckily i manage to resist the cries of the kits pledging me to build them lol

PG Eva 01,anyone?

some of tools that can be bought here..Gundam Markers, Bandai Tool Set,Tamiya Tools etc...there are also Tamiya putty-basic,quick type and smooth surface type(didnt remember the name actually, just guessing lol)
on the side there are HGUC Unicorn Destroy, Masurao, and action bases..and on the floor, there's a HGUC Zaku II laying due to broken hip joint ^^;;

Old HG Wing kits anyone? very tempting i say..and if one might be asking, they use the exchange rate of 0.03x..the owner said that they wont give discount so they sell kits at the correct rate...for me, its a relief ^^

there are also some PokePla but i'm not into them ^^;;

SD G-Gen Kits..RM16.80 each

and yes, even at the counter there are lots of kits in display..look carefully behind Lacus, there's a XN unit there ^^

i LOLed at this stormtroopers!!
nice army lol

more item on display..SF FBM, HGUC Hi-Nu, Mirage 1st, HG Exia custom color and a bionicle model too ^o^

yes they got painting stuff too!! Gundam Markers and Tamiya Markers, Mr.Color, Tamiya spray can, limonene cement, putty, and topcoat too-flat,semi-gloss,and gloss

some TF stuff on display..there are also BearBrick stuff there!!

Cybaster anyone? lol

there are also HGUC Ground War set both Zaku and Ground Gundam

also we can get clear color ARF and ABF 2nd L...for MG ARF Kai, the owner said it will be here this week!! Nice!!

O.O Mazinger Kits!!!!

i believe we talked about this last night at the dark side, right bd? and there, it stood in front of my eyes..

some Macross stuff...deculture lol (^o^)

Hello, PG OO Raiser!!! and guess what? ITS INITIAL BATCH RELEASE VER!!!!

got some HCM-PRO Gundam W figures ^^

Eva-01 Head Bust lol!! and it's lighting up at the moment i snapped the picture ^^

overall, i say that this is what i dreamed of before...a Hobby shop that i could reach ^^ Malaysians usually got Bandai Kits through Litt Tak but for this shop, its not by Litt Tak..they ordered it by themselves lol..and customers can ask on ordering some kits and i might be doing so for HG Gundam X lol ^^

but the good thing is that they put on reasonable exchange rate. for example, at supermarkets here Seed VS Astray= RM137.90 but here at Gusto, you can get them for RM108.80.. O.O..huge difference lol..and the fact they got tools are making me feel pleased (^_^)

as for the owner himself, from what i see, he got some great painting skills and when i interviewed him, he said that he just mastered the art of weathering ^^ got a new senpai~ lol

wrapping up my review on Gusto Dot Com...

yes, thats it..i'm assuring it lol..here i officiallly announce that i'm switching from retail store to Gusto Dot Com for Gunplas!!

for contact purpose,
here's the mobile number of the owner, Shawn :0129815869
Address :Gusto Dot Com
lot 690,jln kebun sultan,
15300 Kota bharu,Kelantan

and they are open everyday except for Saturday ^^

and yes, some loots from Gusto

Gundam Marker Blue, Tamiya Basic Putty and Limonene Cement
lol, my first GM ever! and the GN Sword X shall be completed soon ^^

.once again, i shall say that Gusto is UBER AWESOME lol



  1. Really nice shop there !!!!! So many kits,from SD to PG to Lacus lol

  2. yeah...finally, a haven for me at my place lol ^^

  3. zoidiect, nti bg alamat kedai 2 keh.. bulan 6 ni aku ingat nak g kelantan, memng murah ke gundam kt sna? smua bandai??

  4. okeys alamat tu ak duk tggu cikgu ak kasi nanti..

    yes suma bandai dan ader sket Kotobukiya

    tapi suma item brand ori punyer ^^

    kedai ni bleh kira murah dari supermarket coz dia guna exchange rate rendah

  5. Nice store! They sell quite a number of stuff, even the tools I so wish I can get over here to do some crazy things I really want to do (seriously). =D

    The price aren't half bad neither. Not astoundingly cheap but more reasonable that your standard mall at least. ^^

  6. cool bro not only GM man ^^;; see that crossbone ver.ka and HGUC ground war set *_*
    PG eva will make you crazy lot's of rubber for the inner frame X_X
    will crazy if I were there no monies so many choice @_@

  7. @CD yes quite a relief for me after talked to the owner on the price ^^

    @Moe i almost got crazy there too!! almost all Ver Ka are there except UC Ver Ka lol very tempting!! ^^

  8. @ZD: The blade that can cleave the heavens indeed.

    Wodan: Sono ike wa yoshi... Approves. *nods*

  9. *Raises thumb*

    Thanks for the approval!


  10. Nice shop bro! Very nice indeed.... And poisonous lol

  11. wooh.. I always like to go to the hobby shop.. especially when they have gunplas..
    even we're not buying it but it feel refreshed to see a lot of gunplas ehehe... ^^;
    makes me want to grab one..
    especially if I went abroad..

  12. new routine for me~
    visit hobby shop~

  13. nice selection lol thumbs up approval for this shop! need to have restraint when surrounded by so many awesome kits :P

  14. wui...aku ader zaku ground war set tapi takder Gundam ground war set

  15. nice shop there... pretty big XD.. here only small outlet ORZ

  16. @mangyver : haha, tapi ak xbrminat ngan mner HG Ground set

    @tsuki: kelantan is calling you again lol


  17. Woah looks like I know where you will be going every sunday haha!!

    Fantastic store! Like mafty taking a walk in a hobby shop is very refreshing even if you don't buy stuff.

    And all the mazinger and getter 1 robo kits!!!! Buy!!!

  18. LoL Buy ALL ^_^
    man, if i do have a fixed job, i shall go there every sunday lol

  19. hey this stall look happening. They even have Mazinger Kits!! I never seen that before.

  20. yes mazinger kits when i see them i was like WUUAHH!! SUGOOII!!

  21. wow, that store looks big and spacious.
    and lots of things inside!

    Haha so your teacher is also a modeler?

  22. his used to be a modeler but now he said that he got no time for modeling so now he collects Transformer and Kamen rider ^^

  23. Nice shop wor ~ Although abit spacious, but I like that the spacious feeling. =)

  24. yep very spacious but now got more shelf added ^^

  25. owzz..kedai ni aku selalu g....huhuhu..aku belajar kat UMK...area pengkalan chepaa...huhuhuh...gah nk cari n belajar nk wat and fix gundam macam ko..hehehe

  26. haha pengkalan chepa kiro dekat dah tu..ak duk kat pengkalan datu je

  27. Abit late for the reply.

    I just to the shop today (work half day), and I am very impressed by the shop. The owner can bring in Chogokin (read : SOC) if I order one from him.

    Would like to wish the owner luck for the business, as Kota Bharu is no KL when it comes to toys.

    Will order some from the shop one day.

  28. Just wanna know, Are you only painting ur Gundam with gundam marker, or is there any method that u used beside Gundam marker ?

  29. @Yung jie yeah, its a great thing for us to have Gusto here ^^ i had ordered some stuff before from them and got them nicely ^^

    @Anepz i used to use markers, but now i use spray cans and also airbrush.if i am to say, marker is quite good for OOB, but for those who do mods, sprays and airbrush is better IMO ^^

  30. holy shat! why didnt i found this shop sooner >.< gawd thx thx thx thx for the address. got any shop more in kelantan?

  31. @Munkey for the current time this is the only gunpla shop, but at Billion there is RC shop, they have some airplane kits. and they have some good stocks of tools and material too =D

    great, more pepople from kelantan! maybe we should meet up one day

  32. owh thx for the info xp

    hmm rc shop... i think i saw that before but havent check that out.

    currently looking for an airbrush. any suggestion?

    meet up? yeah sure >.< but currently im not in kelantan. in ipoh, work work. got lot of gundam here compare to kelantan hehe

  33. @Munkey ah airbrush, i bought mine from local online shop, mgs2u.com. but the compressor, i got from that rc shop i mentioned. can go ask the owner of the rc shop regarding airbrush, i think he can help ^^ now at ipoh eh? same for me, im now at shah alam XD

  34. what is the cost of compressor u buy from that RC shop ? More than Rm200 or less ?

  35. @Anepz not around that price actually, i bought a pretty simple compressor, it dont even have an air tank, and i paid rm400 for that >_< i know it's like a steal as at such price i can get a better one with air tank, but i had no choice. i had to get myself a compressor badly and apparently all local online shop didnt have them in stock. so yeaa..

  36. Aiyoo.. so expensive.. I thought I can get tips on buying cheap Air Brush set.. because last time I saw u post u buy beginner set of AB because it is cheap.. thats why I think u mau know how to set up cheap AB set..

    anyways, nice chatting with u here, i must say u are a good modeller man..when u are going to fly ? this June ?

  37. @Anepz haha ^^ actually the airbrush is cheap, as the beginner one that i currently use is RM40, and a double action type, you can get it at price as low as RM80. but the compressor is the expensive part. i think, for the current compressor that i use, it should had been sold at RM250 or something ^^;;; depending on sellers too. me, i will (might) fly at next year's February, hopefully can pass this foundation program XD

  38. i went to gusto and yeah pretty nice shop. i thought it was big lol. but hey im not very used to that shop. no idea how do i get some paints. really need some paint now especially flat base. any help? last visit, there is a girl, i dont think she's the owner since i asked her something and she just said "uuuhh... errr... i dunoo" >.<

  39. @Munkey oho~ gotten there eh? XD as for paints, they are in the glass rack, just tell to the girl (issit malay girl?) and she'll unlock it for you. you can choose by yourself, and i think there are flat base (mr hobby) unless someone had bought it. in easier way, if you need stuff that they currently dont have, just ask them to order it for you ^^

  40. A little bit of help? I weren't able to find the shop. I know the street though. Is there any landmark near the shop?I know the street though. Is there any landmark near the shop?

  41. hmm i only went there once though. aaa near the traffic light lol. there is a traffic light, turn left and you'll be into jln merbau, if you're from jusco~ >.< kind a hard to explain...

  42. @laniemon best landmark there i guess will be the 2 Hayaki cafes that lies at the traffic light, with a road between them. if you come from the road between the 2 Hayaki Cafes, which is the road perpendicular to Jalan Kebun Sultan at the traffic light, just take left and the shop will be at your left. in a way, it is very near to the Hayaki Cafes, keep an eye on the cafes

  43. @Munkey @ZoiDieCT ArchAeA awesome. thanks for info. will be trying my best to find the store. again, thanks ^~^ my best to find the store. again, thanks ^~^

  44. Were able to find the shop. seriously cool shop. Guess I'll drop by everytime I'm in KB. Also, former comment FAIl oTL

  45. @laniemon no worries, glad that you managed to find the shop ^^ im also never been there for a while, should go there and say hi to them =D

    btw, i haven't yet to review this shop, but try check this out


    this one is at kubang kerian, in front of USM

  46. from the pics... ehehe this is a good shop especially paints!! i might check this shop. this is a must!

  47. @Munkey yeap! they have compressors as well, and even carry in Figmas and Nendoroids! adn to my surprise, people are like going there to lepak all the way round! definitely worth checking out!

  48. At last, ade jugak kedai GUNPLA. thanks for tthe info. jalan kebun sultan? dekat mana tu? never heard of it..

  49. haha.. yes, finally. a Gunpla Shop.. haha.. Jalan kebun sultan?? dekat mane?? i want to know too.. XD

  50. @GedadoDicaprio & akoxix jln kbun sultan ni, jln yg nk ke pantai timur/mydin KB, yg masuk dri simpang dkat CIMB KB. CIMB KB duk di jln tu, kira masuk straight je. kat jln ni ade Hayaki cafe b'kembar, kalu dri CIMB, Gusto ni sbelum Hayaki cafe.

  51. ooo.. haha.. arigato!! nanti ahad ni sye pegi shop ni.. haha.. jom2.. haha

  52. oh, kat situ eh? thank 4 the info ;)

  53. mcm nak li cat tamiya tu...

  54. kedai tu kat mane skrang?