Saturday, March 6, 2010

OO Raiser + GN Sword X!!

GN Sword RaiXer!!!

here i bring to you more pictures of OO Raiser with GN Sword X!

fully armed with all the 7 swords

the 7 swords of my this case, got GN Sword X here ^^

the X itself...being a sword only, the design is simple and no gimmick like folding sword etc etc

dunno what i should tell on GNSX since i told all the points during the WIP so i shall let the pictures do the job ^^

copying Exia Repair famous pose i think?

that will the pictures of OO alone..
now for OO Raiser and for OO Raiser, i shall reveal the custom system lol

Trans-AM Burst!!!!

i know he wants something more

Charge-UP!!! launch RaiXer System!!!



damn long and damn heavy lol

why i say heavy?
see next pictures ^^;;

the beam is supported with the wall

in this shot the beam rested on my glasses ^^;;;

it is heavy and even got bent but didnt affect anything lol

thats all i think for OOR+GNSX
well this is my first serious scratch built weapon and i'm happy that i finished it now
and OO is happy too!! I also started using putty now ^^
*bye bye GN Sword III*

and a bonus picture


done with GN Sword FZA Saviour now ^^

check out the WIP also^^
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and i would like to thanks everybody that had commented/criticized throughout the WIP ^^

PS: OO has been banned from using the RaiXer Sword during display as he might slash other kits ^^ so he only can use GNSX XD



  1. no need PG OO raiser trans am with purchase ticket for 70cn mean part :D

  2. marzz: my own 7 swords lol
    moe: yeah no need for that PG OOR TA etc etc XD

  3. the beam effect part actually better than standard material.. it's really "flexible" ehehe..

  4. very cool 7 sword mode :P

    Lol the RaiXer Sword is going to cut down your photo box! very cool poses dude ^^ with the light from the window in the first RaiXer Sword pic, looks like the beam is piercing the heavens :D

  5. lol
    the beam is the beam that pierce the heaven XD

  6. I definitely applaud you for making that RaiXer sword ^^ very nice result ahhahah. The GN sword X looks nice by itself too. If I didn't know better I would've thought it was an official sword LOL Good job dude!

  7. LOL dont try scrolling Dalong for GN Sword X lol

  8. Ohh... Long beam part is long... O_O

    Huh?... *noticed his HG00 is pointing to PG WZC's beam saber part*

    Heero: No.
    Setsuna: orz

  9. XD
    better dont let your OO see this post then ^^

  10. @ZD: He just did... That's why...

  11. Like the pose, very COOL!

    the GN sword still has coarse/uneven texture, but design wise I like it ^^

    As for the raiXer sword, I thought you are going to cover the blue and gray armor with beam as well, hahaha. Just my preference ^^

  12. haha glad you like it

    but LOLed at fully beam-ed GN Sword X XD

  13. Uber beam sword of death!!!

    Great job on the sword man :D Love the poses with it ^^

    thumbs up on the clear part!! Your version is so much better and flexible than bandai's haha!

  14. what can i say? if bandai doesnt make it for us, then we ourselves shall make it lol

  15. I really like the beam effects on the sword.